Use Royal Brites Paper to Print Quality Photos

Royal Brites Everyday Glossy Photo PaperThe art of printing photos from home successfully involves several factors, but a major part of it relies on the brand and type of photo paper you use.  Royal Brites paper features a complete line of photo paper that stands out from the crowd for its diversity and quality.

Royal Brites photo paper is designed to work well in any brand of printer.  As a result, it is a convenient and very versatile line of photo paper that can be used anytime, anywhere.  Royal Brites is also an established brand that is manufactured locally in the USA by Miami Valley Paper, so the line is consistently improving to put out the best quality possible.

At and, Royal Brites paper is available in both individual and bulk sale.  If you are interested in reselling a product, you can participate in the reseller program by signing up at to earn a discount when buying products in bulk.

For typical photo printing, you’ll have many choices in Royal Brites paper.  Photo papers differ based on their aesthetic qualities as well as how much convenience they offer, so ultimately the choice is up to you based on your preference.  Everyday Glossy photo paper is an all-purpose paper that will give photos the look of a traditional glossy photo at a great price.  Matte photo paper features a subtle finish so it is quick-drying and also printable on both sides.  Satin or semi-gloss varieties have a lustrous finish that’s great for reports and brochures because it resists glare and fingerprints.  The Premium and Professional Plus photo papers are both exceptional options in many aspects—they dry quickly, produce fantastic colors and resolution, and are guaranteed to last the longest out of all of the photo papers in the selection.

Royal Brites paper is excellent for recreational and professional uses.  In addition to the plain photo paper selection, Royal Brites offers specialty inkjet papers such as Magnetic Paper, Iron-on Transfer Paper, Glow in the Dark Paper, Window Decals and more that are great for school projects, gift-making, and arts and crafts.

One advantage of using Royal Brites paper is that it is designed to work specifically with iClickn’Print, a free design program offered by Geographics.  With iClickn’Print, you can create and print your own photo project layouts with a few clicks.  With some handy templates, you can make photo collages, photo greeting cards, wallet and passport photos, and much more.

As a photo paper brand, Royal Brites offers a lot when it comes to quality and convenience.

When to Buy Professional Photo Paper

Professional High Gloss Photo PaperProfessional photo paper (also called Premium High Gloss, Advanced, Ultra, etc. depending on the brand) is the best choice on the market if you want to print exceptional photos.  As one can infer from its name, professional photo paper is designed to produce photos that look professionally developed right from your printer at home.  For photographers who digitally edit their photos, professional photo paper is an essential material because the paper itself is optimized to produce fantastic color reproduction and sharp, realistic details.  Professional photo paper is constructed using super heavyweight paper and finished with a brilliant gloss that will both show off and protect your photos.  An expert in the paper industry, offers a wide range of both casual and professional quality photo paper suitable for a variety of printers.

There are different kinds of photo paper each having their own advantages and disadvantages.  Most professional photo papers will offer the best features that a photo paper can have, all in one sheet.  The bright white color of the paper helps to produce vivid, high resolution images that will last for years to come.  Using professional photo paper ensures archival quality photos since most such papers are ozone-gas resistant.  This means that your photos will resist fading and natural deterioration from the air over time.

Using a higher end photo paper also offers convenience—professional photo paper typically means it is quick drying, that it will work well with both dye and pigmented inks, and that it can even be used in different types of printers. Such is the Royal Brites® Professional Combo Print Photo Paper, an exceptional paper that can be printed with both inkjet and laser printers.  Using Royal Brites Professional High Gloss Photo Paper is a good option if you’d like to print using a photo paper made in USA.  It is a great choice if you’re using it in a variety of projects that require professional quality, but it will also come in handy on short notice for other photo projects. This professional paper is available in both 8.5”x11” and 4”x6”.

Printing photos on photo paper is a fun and easy activity when it comes to printing photos for framing, printing your own photo albums, school projects, arts and crafts and much more.  Whether you practice photography as a hobby or a profession, printing on professional photo paper will provide you or your clients with classy, memorable photos.

Why Use Photo Paper to Print your own Photos?

Professional High Gloss Photo PaperPrinting your own photos from home using photo paper is simple, convenient and very cost-effective.  However, some people may be opposed to the idea because they wonder whether the photo quality will be worth it.  With the latest technology, you can truly print traditional-looking and fantastic quality photos in minutes!  Not all photo papers are made equal, so it is helpful to learn about the various types of photo paper on the market to effectively choose the best photo paper for your project and for your printer type.  At, you can browse from a versatile selection of photo paper and discover exactly how many options you have.

Once an image is printed using photo paper versus standard printer paper, the difference in photo quality is very apparent.  Compared to printer paper, photo paper is relatively thick—it may be classified as heavyweight or super heavyweight paper and provides for a much hardier photograph.  Photo papers are also coated with specialty finishes which can range from matte to high gloss.  The finish of a photo paper serves multiple functions—it will bring out the colors in a matte, satin or glossy or high gloss appearance and it may protect a photo from certain environmental factors like the UV rays, possible water drops, fingerprints, etc. depending on the chemistry used.  But most importantly, it will make your photo look great!

When it comes to everyday photo printing, glossy photo paper will get the job done.  Glossy paper is a bright white paper with a moderate gloss that produces vivid colors and a good resolution when printed  in a regular inkjet printer.  The style of the paper mimics the look and feel of developed photos so it is great to use for making photo albums, framed photos and scrapbooks.  Some downsides to printing photos on glossy paper are that they may take some time to dry and may also retain fingerprints from handling.

If you are using photo paper for a specific purpose, such as for an art project or a business presentation, considering other types of paper may be helpful.  For example, matte photo paper is a good choice for photos that need to be displayed from a distance without a frame or covering because glossy photos may produce glare.  The matte is also great for old style black and white photos. Paper with a semi-gloss or satin coating is also a popular choice for traditional-looking photos and together with the matte photo paper it can be a great choice for printing brochures, business cards, greeting cards and professional documents.

For digital photography buffs, choosing the right photo paper is an essential step in making your digital photos look their best on paper.  Professional and premium photo papers are a bit pricier than basic glossy or matte photo papers but they offer many benefits in terms of both quality and convenience.  Professional and premium photo papers are instant drying, super heavyweight, coated with a brilliant glossy finish and guaranteed to last the longest.  These papers are designed to be resistant not only to elements like water and dirt but also natural gases that break down photo ink over time.  For fantastic photos, choosing a professional or premium photo paper is a worthwhile investment.

As both a creative and professional material, photo paper has a wide range of benefits to offer.

Jet Print Photo Paper – What You Need to Print Great Photos

Jet Print Photo PaperThe world of digital photography has reached amazing standards when it comes to image quality, and Jet Print photo paper is just one example of a photo paper that is designed specifically for digital photo editing.

You may wonder what the benefits are when you edit a photo digitally.  There are many benefits!  In addition to removing any imperfections from your photos, you also have complete control over the tones, brightness, saturation and other color-related elements of your photo.  With a photo editing program (many of them are free nowadays), a good photo printer and premium photo paper, it’s truly remarkable how many creative options you have when editing and printing photos in your own home, office or classroom.  When you buy Jet Print Photo Paper at or you can also take advantage of their free design software, Click n’ Print.  It allows you to easily create and print photo projects like photo collages, passport and wallet pictures, photo greeting cards and scrapbook projects.

At, you can buy Jet Print Photo Paper and also choose from a variety of other brands of professional and premium photo papers that are guaranteed to give you the best photos possible.  If you are interested in reselling a product, you can sign up to become a reseller (at only) and receive a major discount when you buy in bulk!

Jet Print photo paper has the capability to produce classy, traditional-looking photos from any inkjet printer.  The paper itself is formulated to retain high color densities within an image which in turn creates crisp and realistic details.  For this reason, it is not necessary to use an enhanced printer setting to get the best coloring for your photo—that means you can save ink and still get great photos! features Jet Print Premium photo paper in packs of 4” x 6” sheets.  Premium photo paper is a bit pricier than everyday glossy photo paper, but it is also heavier with a high gloss surface that is made to look like a real photo, lasts longer and meets the color needs of digitally edited photos. Jet Print photo paper is archival quality which means that it resists aging since it has protection against environmental factors over time.  All in all, you’re left with a hardy, great quality photo that will last for generations if stored or displayed appropriately.

When it comes to buying a quality photo paper designed for digital photo printing, Jet Print photo paper will get the job done.

Premium Photo Paper for Best Photo Quality

Premium High Gloss Photo Paper

Whether you’re new to printing photos or you’re a photo paper whiz, you’ll be amazed by how great your photos can turn out when printed on premium photo paper.  The standard finish of premium photo papers is considered to be high gloss, though a lot of companies have started to use premium matte photo paper and premium satin photo paper for business presentations and projects.

Premium photo paper usually comes in 4”x6” and 8.5”x11” but can also be found in 5”x7” and 12”x12”. It great for all projects that involve color images and will guarantee great quality, longer lasting photos than everyday photo paper.  It is designed to bring out the best picture vibrancy and resolution possible.  The recommended premium paper for printing album photos is 4”x6” high gloss photo paper because it will give your photos great longevity and picture quality.

8.5”x11” premium photo paper can be used to print full size photos for framing or for collages and also to print smaller size photos that can be cut off the initial sheet. is an online design tool that offers such a capability. There, you can print on an 8.5”x11” sheet to make two 5”x7” photos, three 4”x6” photos, 8”x8”, 8”x10”, wallet photos, passport photos, photo greeting cards, and more.  Since Click n’ Print is free to use with the purchase of a product, it is a great tool to take advantage of.

To keep the printing process simple and convenient, buy value-branded premium photo paper like Royal Brites, Geographics, Jet Print or Lexmark photo paper.  For a higher price you’ll find power brands like HP, Epson, Canon and Kodak. The difference between value and power brands is that value brands are made to work well with all printers while the power brands are made to function well in a printer of the same brand.

Premium photo paper can be of two kinds: microporous paper (which dries instantly) or swellable paper (which makes long-lasting photos). Since microporous paper absorbs photo ink through miniscule pores like a sponge, photos can be handled immediately, framed or stored without fear that the photos will stick together or to framed glass.  Premium photo paper produced using the swellable technology take longer to dry, from a few seconds to a few minutes, because the substrate swells and encapsulates the ink.  Once dry, this paper will keep the image intact for a longer time since gases and environmental factors are blocked. But with proper storage, photos printed on premium photo paper can last for generations.  Some companies also indicate that the ink you use to print your photos is additional factor of the longevity of a photo.

Since photos printed on premium photo paper are high gloss and professional-looking, they make a great addition to school projects, arts and crafts projects, and scrapbooking.  Digitally editing and printing out old photographs on premium photo paper and framing them makes a great gift for birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays.  Whether you are simply printing personal photos for an album or using photo paper for a large-scale project, you can’t go wrong with premium photo paper.

Use Glossy Photo Paper to Get Started with Photo Printing

Everyday-Glossy-Photo-Paper-Geographics“What the difference is between glossy photo paper and all the other types of photo paper on the market?” is a question that a newcomer to printing photos may ask.  All types of photo paper are designed to bring out the color and details of your photographs in the best possible quality, but each type has advantages and disadvantages that you should know when choosing a photo paper for a specific project.  Glossy photo paper is the basic, go-to choice for beginners who are looking to produce professional-quality photos at home.  “Glossy” is the generic word for everyday glossy paper and “high gloss” could refer to Ultra High Gloss, Advanced High Gloss, Premium High Gloss or Professional High Gloss photo paper. There are as many kinds of glossy photo paper as there are brands on the market. You just need to discover the best choice for your project.

We recommend the Premium Glossy Photo Paper for printing photos with good color quality. The Professional High Gloss Photo paper is the highest quality, super heavyweight and longest lasting so it is worth it to spend a bit more to print your best photos on it.  In the end, what counts is the color resolution and gloss level.  Also, the longevity of the paper is an important factor if you want to consider it.

Here are some general characteristics of glossy photo paper: it is heavyweight and coated on one side with an inkjet coating that has a gloss to it.  When it comes to everyday glossy paper, the gloss is more of an aesthetic detail rather than for protection of the photo so it is best to take care when handling the paper before printing.  The oils and perspiration from the hands may negatively impact the print quality due to the chemistry between the coating the ink and the handling contamination.  Glossy photo paper has different levels of whiteness and brightness. Some glossy papers are whiter and some are off-white.  It is believed a brighter white produces sharper images but that is not a rule of thumb.  It just differs based on the brand you choose, but an off-white photo paper can produce equally good results as a bright white paper.  Photos printed on glossy paper are best suited to staying in old style photo albums such as those with a parchment or vellum sheet separating the album pages.  The glossy finish always looks better in an album as it produces a slight 3D effect.

Glossy photo paper looks sharper and better than matte photo paper. That is why it is an ideal choice for photos that will be used in school, for business and product presentations and crafting projects. The photos will look richer and make a better impression. Everyday glossy paper is so affordable that you can easily use it over the standard printer paper for all of your photo printing needs. When printing business documents like reports, agendas, etc. one may choose to use matte or satin, semi-gloss photo paper since they are better fit for this purpose. Documents that contain more text and fewer images will perform better with a matte finish; glossy photo paper is better for any project that is photo or image heavy, like scrapbooking.

Take care to handle any photos printed with photo paper properly.  Before placing photos in a photo or scrapbook album and especially before placing them under glass, make sure that your glossy photos are extra dry so that they do not stick to the surface they touch.  Finally, glossy photos may also retain fingerprints from handling.  Do not try to wipe away the fingerprints because you may cause damage to the photo.

Glossy photo paper is an excellent starting material for those who are learning about photo printing.  Look for affordable photo paper!

Types of Inkjet Photo Paper and the Benefits of Inkjet Photo Printing

Inkjet Photo PaperIf you enjoy the look and feel of traditionally developed photos but are eager to delve into digital photography, you’ll be glad to know that you can edit and print professional quality photos from home using inkjet photo paper.  Inkjet photo paper is an important material when it comes to photo printing because regular printer paper is not optimized for image printing.  When printed on photo paper, images will have sharper details, more vibrant colors and a finish on the surface to protect the photo.  There are many types of inkjet photo paper on the market—at, you can find a wide variety of photo papers to find the best one for your project.

When most people think of inkjet photo paper, glossy photos probably come to mind.  Glossy photo paper is a thick paper with a shiny coating that makes an all-around good choice for everyday photo printing.  Like store-developed photos, they can stand up to handling since they are printed on heavyweight paper and coated with a lustrous finish.  While glossy photo paper is a popular choice for photo paper, matte photo paper or satin photo paper are other options that may work better for different projects.  For example, if you need photos to be visible from a distance, printing on matte photo paper may be a better choice because glossy photos can produce glare from light sources.  When making business documents like brochures or memos, satin photo paper is the ideal choice because it has a soft, lustrous finish and resists fingerprints.  Each type of photo paper has distinct features, so you are sure to find a photo paper that works for you.

Inkjet printers have become popular in the home photo-printing world, so as a result there are many types of inkjet photo paper readily available.  However, there are photo papers available for laser printers and dye sublimation printers as well.  What type of printer you use for photo printing depends mainly on preference, but there are many advantages to using inkjet printers for photo printing.  In general, inkjet printers cost less than laser printers and are more reliable than dye sublimation printers.  While inkjet printers use ink cartridges to print photos (which means that they need a bit of time to dry), they tend to use less ink than dye sublimation printers overall.  Since inkjet printers do not heat-dry the ink when printing like laser printers or dye printers, the ink will naturally deteriorate over time.  For this reason, many inkjet photo papers are optimized to be fade/ozone-gas resistant and are estimated to produce photos that last for decades.  It is important to learn about the type of printer and photo paper that will suit your project best before you start shopping because when it comes to photo printing, printers and photo papers truly go hand in hand.

Inkjet photo paper is an impressive material that can suit a variety of printing purposes.  You’ll be amazed by how great photos printed from home can be!  Visit to learn more about photo paper and find the best one for your project!

Use Inkjet Photo Paper to Spread Holiday Cheer

Printing out pictures with inkjet photo paper is a great way to hold on to the memories you make this holiday season. Want some nice photos   in your family albums for later sharing, or for frames around your house? Don’t have the money to spare for printing them all out in a specialty store? Check out all of the great options in inkjet photo paper available at, for ways in which you can save money while still creating high quality photos.

For the holidays, sending Photo Greeting Cards with your family’s picture on the front is a great way to send personalized and fun holiday greetings. Sending Christmas Greeting Cards or Christmas Invitations with family portraits for a holiday party can also be a wonderful way to get your guests into the festive spirit before they arrive. The recipients of your cards and invitations will appreciate the great thoughtfulness of cards and invitations made by you, and not by a company.

Sending out professionally made holiday photo cards, however, can be incredibly expensive, as well as time consuming. Fortunately, with inkjet photo paper, and Christmas Cards and Paper from Geographics you can achieve the same level of quality results, while reserving your holiday funds. Save the extra money for the more important things, like throwing the best holiday party ever, or buying more gifts for your loved ones.

Visit today to look at our great selection of inkjet photo paper and Holiday Cards. Get Free Holiday Wording, plus Free Clip Art and a new tool that helps you print with professional results: Click’n Print!