Use Sign Board to Make a Custom Sign Like a Pro

Making a do-it-yourself sign using sign board is a quick and low cost project.  Using poster board and board supplies like borders, transparency sheets, and other decorative materials will give your sign personality and help to draw people to your event.  Online, you can find a wide variety of board materials to make a unique sale sign.

To make the do-it-yourself sign pictured above, all you need is some  neon sign board, a printable transparency sheet, and some decorative borders.  Neon board is a popular choice for making sale signs because the colors are enticing and highly visible from a distance.  Printing the text for your sign on transparency sheets will help protect your sign from rain and natural damage.  All you need to do is clip the sheet against your sign board and your sign will look neat and professional to any passerby.  Finally, using adhesive poster board borders will make your sign attractive and welcoming.  The colorful borders used in this project are the Royal Brites ® Repositionable Bright Stripes and Royal Brites ® Repositionable Colorful Dots poster board borders.  Borders and other board supplies like adhesive lettering and stickers contribute to making your sign more eye-catching.

With sign board and a transparency sheet you can literally make a do-it-yourself sign in minutes.  To start, simply type the message for your sign in a word processing program.  For the purposes of this project, we need our page to have a landscape orientation, but you can keep the page in a letter orientation if that is your preference.  When you are satisfied with your message, print on your transparency sheet(s) using the “Mirror Image” setting—this will print your text backwards so the ink won’t be exposed to rain or other elements.  Once you have all your materials, simply place your transparency on your neon sign board and then line the top and bottom of your project with adhesive borders as shown in the picture.  Voila—your sign is done!  Display your sign using an inexpensive outdoor sign holder or secure it to your fence, telephone pole, or another area to instantly draw people to your sale.

How to Use Science Fair Board to Make a Winning Project Display

Royal Brites Tri Fold Science Fair BoardScience fair projects are great opportunities for a child to use his or her creativity, and finding a quality science fair board and appropriate board supplies is the first step to making a successful project.  The term “science fair board” can really include any type of poster board, foam board, or display board.  All types of project board have different advantages, so it’s up to you to decide which type of board suits your project best!

Since your science fair board will eventually hold the summary of months or even years of hard work, it is helpful to come up with a layout for your board far in advance of your presentation.  It is easy to fuss over the details of a science fair project, but you don’t need to spend a fortune on a project board and materials in order to impress the judges.  All it takes is creativity!  Before purchasing any science fair board or board supplies, read the guidelines for your respective science fair carefully.  You may have restrictions on what you can include in your project and possibly even on what size board you can use, so take care to respect them.  Most science fair participants usually opt for a tri-fold foam or project board because it is sturdy and easy to transport.

First and foremost, your display should feature the content of your project in an engaging and organized layout.  You may want to include all of the information you can fit, but it’s important not to cram your board with content because it distracts from the main points of your project.  Your display should serve as a visual supplement to your oral presentation.  Only use photos or images if they are relevant to your project.  A good science fair display should be eye-catching, full, and aesthetically pleasing but not contain more decorative items than essential information.  Judges will be more turned off to a distracting board with irrelevant content than a plain board with a basic layout.

When accessorizing your board, avoid any frivolous or flashy additions.  Using fluorescent neon paper is a nice way to catch the eyes of your judges while keeping your board professional.  For example, as a background to various parts of your board neon paper will help your project stand out in the crowd.  Adhesive letters and poster borders are also a nice option for making your project neat and visually interesting.  When it comes to adhering things to your board, use a glue stick instead of bottled glue to avoid a mess.

Making a great display with science fair board doesn’t have to break the bank.  Check out to find an inexpensive selection of science fair board and all of the supplies you’ll need to construct your project.

Enjoy All the Potential of Poster board

Maybe you think of poster board as something that can only be used for school projects and presentations. While this sturdy paper product is certainly great for these uses, it can also be utilized in a myriad of art and craft projects. Poster board is sturdy enough to be used for construction, but pliable enough to be cut and shaped easily. The following projects are only a few examples of the great things you can do with poster board. Use your imagination to dream up more great uses for this versatile product.

Make king-size building blocks by forming three-dimensional rectangles or squares out of poster board. Take a simple pattern for making a box and increase the size to fit your needs. Cut out the poster board and tape or glue all sides together. These fun blocks can be stacked and knocked down for hours of fun. Learning how to make a basic box pattern is a great spatial realization exercise too.

Erect a temporary tunnel by making tubes out of poster board. Simply role poster board into a tube and tape or glue the seams together. Toddlers will love crawling through these fun tubes. Decorate the outside of tubes with paints, markers and stickers. Cut windows into your tunnels to accommodate kids who are afraid of confined spaces.

Invent your own board game. You can use poster board for the game board itself and for game pieces. Draw a unique game board and make up all the rules. Children who love to bend the rules in traditional board games will enjoy making up their own games. They will also learn the value of following game rules.

Go back in time by building a suit of armor. Cut strips of poster board and wrap them in tubes around your legs and arms. Secure the tubes at the seams with glue or tape. Once you’ve constructed enough tubes, you’ll have your very own suit of armor. Don’t forget to make a breast-piece and shield.

There is truly no limit to what you can do with poster board. It is an ideal material for teachers and parents who are on a budget. Choose from poster board in a wide variety of colors to add extra pizzazz to any craft project.

Find the Right Poster Board at Geographics

The right poster board is the best investment any student can make at the beginning of the school year. From elementary school through high school, the poster board is well utilized for many types of projects, and across all subjects. From using it as a science fair board to the backdrop of a student play in English class, the posterboard is a highly versatile item that is adaptable to almost any kind of need. Because it is so often used for a wide variety of circumstances, Geographics is proud to offer an extensive selection of poster boards on its website.

In our inventory you can find poster boards in many different shades and colors. Between the fluorescent neon poster board collection, the black & white poster board collection, and the plain colors poster board collection, you are quite likely to find the color that you prefer most in our inventory. We even feature a poster board with design collection for those extra special projects and presentations, and the gridboard poster boards collection to make drawing – or math – just a little easier for students. With our collection of poster board activity kits, students can also have a lot of fun making their poster board presentations.

Visit the Geographics website today to check out our wonderful poster board collection.

Create a Poster Board Project

Poster Board Foam Board Royal BritesHow to Create a Project using Poster Board

Poster Board is a convenient project and presentation tool for almost any type of school or office project. Why? Because it is inexpensive, it comes in many varieties of sizes and colors, it can be easily cut, scored and folded and many poster board accessories are available on the market to help get the best project around. Geographics offers Royal Brites Poster Board and Accessories, the best products on the market, Made in USA!

Poster Board, Project Board and Foam Board have been commonly used in science fair projects and presentations throughout the country.

How do you CREATE A SCHOOL PROJECT using Poster Board?

Think of a sheet of poster board as a blank page on which you can present your topic.It is the simplest way to get your points through on a big piece of paper.
The key to making a successful Poster Board presentation is to keep it clean and simple, no matter what the topic is.

Things You’ll Need:

– Computer with Printer and Internet Access

– Poster Board White, Black or Color (one sheet or more).
We recommand the Two Cool Colors Poster Board 22″x28″

– Poster Board Borders

– Two Cool Poster Board Marker

– Glue Stick & Stencils

– White Paper

– Colored Paper

– A pair of scissors

– Poster carry on bag

Most of the above items are in our Poster Board and Accessories section

  • Step 1

Split your presentation into five main sections. The first or the last section should be a summary of the whole presentation. You can begin with the summary and you can repeat it at the end.

  • Step 2
    Type and print out the title of your presentation. Cut the title off the white sheet and glue it directly onto the colored paper or directly on the poster board. Or you can use stecils and marker to write the title directly on the poster board sheet.
    Type and print each section. Use one page (horizontal or vertical) for each section. Glue each page into the center of a piece of colored paper.
  • Step 3
    Decorate your poster board sheet with assorted poster board borders
  • Step 4
    Glue the colored paper onto the poster board sheet: place two sections on each side and one section in the middle. Place the other two sections below. Leave spaces so you can add pictures and draw any shadows, signs or arrows using the two cool colors marker . This will bring together the five sections of your presentation.
  • Step 5
    Print and glue pictures onto the poster board in the right spots and use the Two Cool Poster Board Markers to draw any shadows, signs or arrows.


Use Poster Board Stencils, if necessary.

Use the back side of the poster Board if you need to extend your presentation.

Place the poster board presentation in a poster carry on bag and carry it safely to school