How to Make Valentine’s Greetings


Materials needed:

Multiple 10″ Royal Lace French doily
8″x10″ piece Pink tulle
1 yard pink 1/4″ satin ribbon
1 Sheet Royal Brites red poster board
Assorted magazine cut outs of flowers or Victorian motifs


1.  Fold the doily in half and position fold at bottom. Bring left & right ends together in center front of doily so that folds meed in center. This forms a triangle with a rounded top, point at bottom. (See illustration)

2. Taking folded points, fold them down to create flaps. (See illustration)

3. Spacing them evenly, cut three 1/4″ long slits along remaining center fold line. Repeat along other fold. (See illustration)

4. Pink edges of tulle. Gather piece of tulle at bottom and staple to inside back of doily.

5. Create “bouquet” inset. Draw a triangle about  2 1/2″x 2 1/2″ x 4″ on heavy paper, draw a roughly scalloped top, then cut out. Attach chosen flower or Victorian motif cutouts to this triangle base, placing 4″ side at top. Glue photos to paper to create a bouquet. Overlap and glue flower motifs so that some will come over the top of the triangle.

6. Place the “bouquet” inset over top of the tulle, placing point of triangle at bottom inside of doily fold. Glue or staple.

7. Thread the ribbon into 1/4″ slits like lacing a shoe. Tie remaining ends into a bow.

8. Add decorative heart on outside of flaps and make special “message card” ( trimmed with the edge of Royal Lace Placemat) to tuck into the fold of the remaining flap.


Making Valentines can be as simple as cutting a heart out of red paper, writing your own special message on it and mounting it on a Royal Lace Medallion Doily slightly bigger than the heart.

Add bows, tiny flowers, lace or even a picture of yourself!

If you bring someone flowers, wrap them in a large Royal Lace Medallion Doily.

Let us know how your project came out. Get your Royal Lace Paper Doilies, Today!

Printable Business Cards Offer Complete Customization from Home

Geographics Fleur De Lis Printable Business CardsDid you know that printing business cards from home is a great way to make personalized stationery for your business that can save you some cash? Printable business cards are available both online and in stores in a wide selection of color and designs. By designing and printing your own business cards, you can make impressive stationery for your business contacts that is personally representative of your company.

Printable business cards are usually found in the form of micro-perforated 8.5”x11” sheets with 10 cards per sheet. By printing sheets of business cards and separating them after printing, you can save a large amount of time, particularly when printing business cards in bulk. The cards can feature a matte or glossy finish for visual appeal as well as a number of pre-printed embellishments such as embossing, foil bordering, patterns for holidays and more. Before you plan out your digital business card design, make sure to choose the specific set of printable business cards you’d like to use. Cards with a pre-printed design may not feature a traditional straight alignment, and may also reduce the amount of space on your card. However, design business cards eliminate some of the design work on your part to make for a speedy design process.

It is easiest to use printable business cards with a pre-made template. Many times, you will find these online offered by printable stationery retailers. For instance, offers free business card templates that are workable in MS Word.  All you need to do is download the file and then type in the text for your cards within the designated guidelines. By using ready-made Word templates, you can also easily incorporate digital embellishments such as a company logo into your cards. Play around with various fonts, colors and alignments to create a professional design that best represents your business.

There are also many design programs available that can help you design your business cards with more thorough design tools. Although design software for business cards can be costly, the advantage is that the program walks you through the design process, gives you access to a variety of creative tools and ideally provides for a simple printing process. The iClickn’Print Design Center offered by is a web-based design program that is free to use for Geographics customers.

Whatever method you choose, using printable business cards gives you the opportunity to portray your business in the way you feel is best. DIY and save!

Make Your Own Sports Award Certificates to Honor Students

Sports Award Certificates GeographicsIf your family members, friends, or students deserve recognition for skill in sports, sports award certificates are inexpensive, personalized gifts that can encourage your honorees to keep striving for achievement.  The best part is that you can easily and quickly make them your home or office using a computer and printer.

Sports award certificates can be made using a variety of printable certificates.  Some factors you may want to take into consideration are the age of your recipient, the formality of the award ceremony, your recipient’s stylistic preferences etc.  For example, if your students are young children, using printable sports certificates will add a fun mood to your awards.  If your ceremony is more formal, and/or for older children or teenagers, using parchment certificates with a traditional filigree or foil border will add a sense of significance to the award.

Printable certificates for sports awards are most commonly 8.5”x11” letter size.  As a result, creating and printing your awards using your home or school office equipment is super easy.  If you like the idea of making your design from scratch, you can do so simply using a word processing program.  For instance, to make a traditional certificate, all you need to do is set your page layout with the Landscape orientation and type your message in the desired font(s).  For an extra personal touch, you can import your own digital images and clip art.

Templates and design software can be convenient tools in a number of ways when designing and printing custom sports award certificates.  In many cases, you can find certificate & award templates free to download online from stationery websites, so they are great tools to use on a budget.  Downloadable templates can come in many formats depending on the source, but one example is the MS Word template.  The templates open in a word processing program and may feature textboxes and similar guides which help you create your layout and print your project.  Design software, such as the iClickn’Print Design Center offered by, will typically feature more advanced style options as well as easy-to-use pre-made templates.  No matter your design needs, there are many choices of design tools out there to help you create a memorable sports award for any recipient.

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Making your own sports award certificates gives you the power to create awards that personally convey your pride and appreciation for your honorees.  DIY with printable certificates and save!

Make a Customized Certificate of Appreciation to Reward Employees, Students or Friends

Geographics Printable Certificate of AppreciationDesigning and printing your own certificates of appreciation as awards can make a lasting impression on those in both your personal and professional community.  Using printable certificates for gift-making is a meaningful but inexpensive way of showing thanks to any of your peers who are deserving of an award!  Printable award certificates can be used in a variety of ways to meet your needs and the needs of your award recipients.

A certificate of appreciation is a highly personal gift, so you should not hold back from including details or embellishments that accurately express your appreciation.  One of the benefits of digitally designing your certificates is that you can incorporate visual details such as photos or logos into your awards with ease.  Furthermore, you can choose to be as formal or informal as you want in your award’s message and appearance so the certificate personally relates to the recipient while also maintaining the voice of your company or organization.  Deciding on what type of printable certificate you want to use is a good first step to making a unique set of in appreciation certificates.

Standard 8.5”x11” letter size certificate paper is the most common size used for certificates of appreciation.  However, there are smaller sizes available that often come in 2UP and 3UP packs, featuring two and three certificates per sheet respectively.  2UP and 3UP certificates are a great choice of material for kids’ awards or gift certificates, and they can help you save money and time when printing.  In terms of certificate designs, you will find all types of patterns and colors when shopping online.  Traditional certificates are often seen with a filigree border in colors such as blue, green, burgundy, gold or silver.  However, you can also find certificates in a wide variety of themed designs or made from specific materials.  Parchment certificates, for instance, add formality to an award.  Certificates with foil designs are eye-catching and can increase the visual appeal of your awards.

If you are new to making certificates of appreciation or you don’t have any stationery design software, you can easily design and print an 8.5”x11” certificate simply using your word processing program of choice.  Traditionally award certificates are oriented landscape, but you can choose which orientation works best for your

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Making custom certificates to show appreciation for the hard workers in your life is a cost-effective way of showing that you care.  The iClickn’Print Design Center offers customers ready-made templates and creative tools so they can create and print certificates for free.  DIY and save!

How to Choose Materials for Custom Office Stationery

Business Office Stationery GeographicsTaking the time to make your own office stationery will go far to make a personal impression on your business contacts.  Office stationery is a broad category that can include business cards, envelopes, invitations, brochure paper, note cards and more.  Creating a cohesive look for all of your office stationery will show your business contacts that you put time into the image of your company.  Online, you can find a wide variety of printable office stationery to fit the style of your business.

Picking out office stationery is a strategic process because the design you choose will say a lot about your company.  You may be wondering how stationery paper differs from plain old copy paper.  The difference is in the paper texture or thickness; copy paper has a standard weight of 20lb, while business letterhead can be thicker or thinner if using fine paper.  Therefore, letterhead paper is generally better at catching a reader’s eye.  Using letterhead paper to print business letters, reports, or other documents will ensure that they stand out from documents printed on regular printer paper.

Most office stationery designs are simple because the main focus of the page should be the content of your document.  For example, many business letterheads feature geometric designs at the top of the document so your eye is drawn towards the content on the page.  However, office stationery can also be themed for holidays or decorative purposes and also have details such as foil embossing.  If you want to save a bit of money, you may be interested in picking up a business suite which contains a collection of stationery such as letterhead, cards, and envelopes all in one package.

Printing personalized office stationery is very easy, particularly when it comes to letterhead.  With a program such as Microsoft Word, you can create and print your own letterhead and envelope designs with ease using the integrated features.  You can also use free stationery templates available on the web which come pre-made with guidelines and text boxes.  A stationery template will differ in structure depending on the website you download from, but in most cases all you need to do type in your own information into the provided text boxes and then insert your own images or clip art if desired.

IClickn’Print, a free online design program offered for Geographics customers, is also a helpful resource when it comes to designing office stationery.  You start by creating your own template using text boxes on a stationery background, or you can select a ready-made template from iClickn’Print.  From there, you can customize your stationery using different fonts and color, insert your company logo or other images using the Add Image tool, add free clip art for decoration, and freely adjust any text box or image in a drag-and-drop style.  Thanks to all of its immersive design tools, iClickn’Print can help you produce highly professional office stationery designs while saving you money.

Shopping for printable office stationery to create custom stationery items for your company is a fun and hassle-free process.  DIY and discover the benefits!

Scrapbook Paper: Choose the Right Materials to Make Lasting and Creative Scrapbook Pages

Scrapbook Paper GeographicsWhen it comes to making successful scrapbooks, having a wide selection of scrapbook paper and embellishments at your disposal is essential.  Scrapbook paper can serve as a great material for preserving your memories in a creative way and it’s also great for making gifts.  Shopping for your scrapbooking materials online will give you access to the widest selection of crafting supplies and in turn help you find the designs and styles that are most suitable for your project.

Scrapbook paper is a multi-purpose material that can work well for gift-making, school activities, and arts and crafts.  Holiday scrapbook paper functions as a festive backdrop for pages full of your holiday memories.  Themed scrapbook paper is a great choice to focus on making scrapbook pages for events like weddings and vacations.  While it makes sense to purchase scrapbook paper on a by-occasion basis, stocking up on some more neutral paper designs will come in handy for those everyday crafting purposes.

12”x12” cardstock is another form of scrapbooking paper and a helpful component for making a sturdy and versatile scrapbook page.  It comes in a variety of colors and patterns, such as the double-sided cardstock which features a different color or design on each side.  Scrapbooking cardstock will stand up to decorations like rubber stamping, and it also helps to support scrapbook pages that will hold a lot of photos or other content.  Apart from scrapbooking, cardstock also serves well in creating handmade cards and invitations, place cards, poster board displays and other projects.

Naturally, scrapbook paper goes hand-in-hand with scrapbooking adornments.  After all, scrapbooks are made to show off the moments you care about, in style!  There’s a huge selection of embellishments out there for scrapbooks, such as chipboard letters and numbers, borders, tags and monograms, stickers, ribbons, and rub-ons.  Also consider using materials like glitter glue, markers, pastels and crayons to give your scrapbook that handmade personal touch.

By being creatively selective with your scrapbook paper and supplies, you can make a meaningful and professional-looking memento of the special moments in your life.

How to Design a Letterhead Using Business Stationery or Design Paper

Business LetterheadIf you’ve been curious about how to design a letterhead, then you’ll be happy to know that with the right tools it is a quick, simple and fun process.  All you need to start is a business letterhead paper that suits the feel of your company.  For holiday or celebratory memos, you can also use design paper to make your documents more festive.  Since letterhead designs revolve around a standard 8.5″ x 11″ layout, designing a letterhead is super easy.  You can use a word processing program to make a simple design in minutes or you can use a more extensive design software to make your design all the more unique.  At, you can find a wide variety of designer paper suitable for letterhead as well as some helpful and free design aids!

There is no perfect method regarding how to design a letterhead, but a standard business letterhead features several typical components.  These include your company’s logo, your company’s name and location, your recipient’s name and address, the date, and a greeting.  After the body of your letter, the footer of your letterhead should include a closing salutation, your name, your title, and your contact information.  Traditionally, all of the elements in a business letter are left-justified.  However, you can make a great impression by trying out a unique design on your letterhead.  For example, play around with the placement of your company’s logo, try out several different fonts and colors for your text, and insert some clip art for a fun, personal touch if it matches the content of your letter.  There are lots of tools you can use online to make a completely original and successful letterhead design.

Click n’ Print, a free online design program from, features visual guidelines and a variety of design tools within an easy-to-use interface to help you learn how to design a letterhead.  When you start Click n’ Print, you begin with a blank template.  If you’re using a stationery or design paper purchased from, you can choose to work on a background that matches your product to get a better idea of sizing when you design.  To create your letterhead, you can insert text boxes to form a layout and freely adjust them in a drag-and-drop style.  After typing the text content for your letterhead, you can edit the font, color, and sizing of your text.  From there, you can add  free clip art or insert your own images or company logo to finalize your document.  Using Click n’ Print, there are few limits to designing a letterhead.

With all of the choices in business stationery and design tools you can find online, there’s nothing stopping you from learning how to design a letterhead for personal or business use.  Visit to see a great assortment of letterhead materials.