Use Document Covers, Awards Plaques, and Diploma Frames to Show Off Custom Certificates

Document Covers Linen and Metallic by GeographicsWhen making personalized certificates for your colleagues, students, and loved ones, using presentation items such as document covers, awards plaques, and diploma frames can be both visually attractive and functional additions to your awards.  Formal document holders are available in a wide variety of sizes and styles, so you can use them for almost any type of certificate award.  By using decorative document covers, you will also make a lasting impression your certificate recipients and also enhance the presentation of your awards ceremony.

Document covers as well as frames and plaques for awards can be constructed from many materials.  Document covers, for example, are typically made from sturdy cover stock and come in different colors and textures, such as linen and metallic.  A 9.75”x12.5” document cover will hold a standard size 8.5”x11” certificate.  Awards plaques are traditionally made from wood or plastic and usually feature a protective covering under which you can display your certificate.  Diploma frames are available in a number of standard paper sizes, such as 8.5”x11” or 11”x14”, to suit different types of documents such as handmade diplomas.  Finally, certificate envelopes are an attractive, inexpensive option if you are informally giving or sending an award.

If you want to apply all types of embellishments to your certificates, printable certificate kits make an excellent deal as they can feature printable certificate paper, decorative add-ons and a document cover all in one package!  Kits allow you to make a number of certificates with all of the trimmings at lower cost, and as a result they will speed up your creation process if you need to make a large number of awards.  Document covers in particular can also be purchased separately in bulk quantities to efficiently prepare for your awards ceremony.

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Document covers, awards plaques, and diploma frames are valuable additions to handmade awards.  No matter your budget, you can create professional-looking award certificates using your home, school or office equipment.  Print your own awards and save!

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