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Fluorescent Neon Paper

Fluorescent Neon Paper, 28lb
Fluorescent Neon Board, 110lb

Fluorescent Neon Paper and Fluorescent Neon Paper Board by Royal Brites is made in the USA with real fluorescent pigmented coating on one side and a matte white back. Great for inkjet, laser printing and copiers!

Fluorescent neon paper is perfect for a variety of purposes and projects. Whether you need it to decorate a project board for school, or to create price tickets, announcements, business cards or printable invitations for a party.

You will find that fluorescent neon paper is the perfect material for adding the right pop of color to anything.

At, we make sure to keep a wide selection of fluorescent neon paper in our stock, available in many bright, fun colors and in both board and paper styles, to fulfill any type of need.
Are you designing a poster board for a school project? Grab the attention of your teacher and classmates by using fluorescent neon paper to decorate part or all of it. No matter what the subject or topic of your project may be, fluorescent neon paper can really help it stand out among all other projects and catch the eye of everyone in the room.
Are you decorating a foam board for special event, like a wedding or baby shower, instead? A fluorescent neon board from the Geographics inventory can really help you bring your own unique flair to the event's venue. Use it to accompany any pictures you have printed out on inkjet photo paper to create a lovely collage of bright colors and memories.
 Another great use for fluorescent neon paper is for the creation of printable cards, invitations, stationary and more. You can add more fun to your regular correspondence by using Royal Brites® Fluorescent Neon Orange Paper or Royal Brites® Fluorescent Neon Pink Paper instead of your usual white paper.
If you are more daring, try using fluorescent neon paper as business stationery as well! If you're getting tired of the plain white paper that you are currently using, it's time to switch it up! Start checking out the inventory of fluorescent neon paper.

Some uses of fluorescent Neon paper and board are: School Projects, Price Tickets, Attention Grabbing Messages like Sale messages, announcements, price tickets, flyers, brochures, Business cards, post cards for adverttising and direct marketing, labels and more.

Find a variety of fluorescent neon paper and board: red neon paper, pink neon paper, green neon paper, canary neon paper. Combine them with white paper backgrounds or place them on complementary color poster-board like canary on green or Pink on red, neon green on green, neon red on red, etc for the best eye-catching effect! Great laser and injet printability. Non-jamming, works great in copiers, as well.

A multi-purpose neon paper made in usa is all you need to blast your messages.

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