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Home : Photo Paper

Inkjet Photo Paper


Buy Photo Paper made in USA: Royal Brites & Geographics  photo paper. Also available for all inkjet printers: Lexmark Photo Paper & Jet Print Photo Paper. Good quality at lower prices. Photo Paper for All Inkjet Printers in multiple finishes and sizes!


When a photo is printed on inkjet photo paper, the highlights are strong, blacks and all other colors are much richer and deeper, skin tones are smooth and even and there is a very realistic and balanced amount of contrast. Detailed images are much crisper. Standard run-of-the-mill paper is just not cut out for photo printing, and after just one look at a picture printed out on each different type of paper, the differences will be very apparent.

In contrast, highlights in a photo printed out on standard paper are very flat, and blacks come out looking muddy along with many of the other colors looking incredibly dull. Skin tones are blotchy and uneven, and combined with low levels of contrast and faded details; printing on standard paper is truly a recipe for photo disaster.

One of the other major benefits of using inkjet photo paper over standard multiuse paper is the major difference in durability. Standard paper is light, weak and can be torn, bent, or crushed with ease, whereas inkjet photo paper is a great deal sturdier, durable and thicker. This is the paper that feels exactly like the paper the professional photo development places use that you are used to having your photos printed on.

Now that you know the differences between using inkjet photo paper and standard paper, browse our selection to find exactly the kind of photo paper that will best fit your printing needs. We carry many different types of photo paper such as glossy photo paper, semi-gloss photo paper, satin photo paper and matte photo paper from many respected band names such as Royal Brites and Lexmark that will work in all inkjet printers.

Use our Clicknprint to print photo paper in a variety of sizes, two 5"x7" or three 4"x6" photos on an 8.5"x11" sheet of photo paper, nine wallet photos on an 8.5"x11" sheet of photo paper, or six passport photos on a 4"x6" size photo paper. Create scrapbook and photo albums, photo collages, photo greetings, etc


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Satin Professional Plus Photo Paper, 8.5"x11", 120/Pack
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Glow in the Dark Photo Paper - 8.5"x11", 3Pack
Item #:30211
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