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Navy Blue Linen Window Document Covers, Gold Foil, 5/PK

Navy Blue Linen Window Document Covers, Gold Foil, 9.75x12.5, 5/PK

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UOM: Pack
Product Type: Document Covers
Theme/Event: Graduation
Size: 9.75"x12.5"
Color: Navy Blue/Gold Foil
Texture/Finish: Linen/Foil
Other Features: Premium
Count/Pack: 5
Packs/Case: 10

5 sheets of Navy Blue Window Document Covers, Gold Foil, 9.75"x12.5", 218 gsm, 80 lb 12.5" x 19.5" navy blue linen textured cover stock, gold foil-stamped, die-cut with a 1.25" x 6.75" window.

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