Flower Bouquet


Royal Lace® Doily Crafts

Materials Needed


  • 3 Silk rose stems with 3” diameter blossoms (Medium color)
  • 6 Silk rose stems with 2” diameter blossoms (Light color)
  • 2 Silk stems of tiny, airy flowers (like Baby’s Breath)
  • 2 Yards 3/8″ satin ribbon to match the Medium color
  • 3 Yards 3/4″ lace ribbon to match the Light color
  • Floral tape & horal wire
  • Glue gun or craft glue
  • Transparent tape
  • 10″ Royal Lace® Medallion dollies
  • 8” Royal Lace® Medallion dollies


  1. Trim off stems of Medium color flowers to measure 8″ from top of flower to end of stem. Retain leaves. Trim off stems of a few light color flowers to measure 7” from top of flower to end of stem, then trim remaining stems to measure 9″. Retain leaves. Trim off stems of tiny flowers to measure 12″ from top of flower to end of stem. Retain leaves.
  2. Prepare an 8″ doily collar for each stem by reinforcing back center or each dolly with a 1 1/2″ piece of transparent tape. Cut a slit in exact center of tape about 1/4” long,
  3. Gently poke end of stem into slit on front side of a doily. Then work the doily up the stem to let about 4 ½” of stem show below the doily collar. Repeat for each stem you have.
  4. With 2 yds. of the lace ribbon, make a loop bow and secure center with a 7” piece of floral wire. Twist the remaining ends to make a wire stem.
  5. Arrange these “collared” flower stems and the bow stem into a pleasing bunch and secure it close to the collars with a short length of floral wire. Wind remaining ends of wire around the stem group. Wrap the entire lower stem group tightly with floral tape.
  6. Take the 10″ dolly and reinforce back center with transparent tape and make a slit long enough to accommodate your stem bunch. Secure this doily wrap with another piece or floral tape.
  7. Measure 14″ end of the satin ribbon to leave loose as a ribbon streamer. Take this point and begin wrapping the stem to cover the floral tape, slightly overlapping the edges. Tie off, leaving the second ribbon streamer to hang free.
  8. You can clip some of the leaves and stems you retained from trimming and fill out any empty spots in the bouquet. Just dab a dot of hot glue to the stem of leaf end and tack deeply into the arrangement.
    This bouquet can be used as a home decoration and is the ideal decoration for the gift table at a wedding or shower celebration.
    Try your own color combinations and use your favorite flowers. You may want to try dried herbs and everlastings instead of the silk flowers.

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