Create Cards to Customize Your Greetings

With technology being what it is these days, many people are intrigued to learn how to create cards using their own computers.  In addition to giving your loved ones a meaningful gift, you will save time and have a lot of fun creating cards from home.  At, you can find some great printable greeting cards to design and print cards yourself instead of spending lots of time and money looking for cards in department stores.  Don’t go through the hassle writing out cards by hand when you can try something new—check out for a versatile stock of printable cards and envelopes!

Butterflies and Roses Thank You Cards Geographics

There is no shortage of methods you can use to create cards that will be attractive and meaningful to your friends and family. offers a wide selection of free greeting card templates, organized by holiday and by theme, to help you design your cards—these templates utilize Microsoft Word and are a breeze to work with.  Using a simple design software to create your cards is also worth considering because it is an in-depth and highly convenient method.   iClick n’ Print, a free online design program from, is easy-to-use and thorough at the same time.  You can use a variety of design tools so your cards come out a top-notch, professional quality.  With Click n’ Print, you can create your own card templates and insert text boxes, suggested wording, clipart, and even your own images or clipart.  Trying out various fonts, colors, and layouts before you print your cards will give you a chance to make sure that your cards look exactly how you want them to look.  Once you’ve finalized the details, you’ll be all set to print!

Learning how to create cards on your own is an exciting activity, but before you purchase any type of card paper, be sure to check whether or not it is compatible with your printer.’s blank cards and formal cards are all printable come in a variety of sizes and several finishes, such as matte and high gloss.  Although most printable cards will suit handwriting and inkjet printers, some may be better suited to laser printers.  Just to be safe, check the product details of a card paper you are interested in before you purchase it—all Geographics card products state which type of printer(s) they will work best with.

Once you create cards by yourself, you’ll never want to settle for store-bought cards again.  Get started with!

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