About Poster Board Thickness

In the U.S., Poster board, Cardstock and Cover Stock  thickness is usually measured in points or mill. This measurement gives the thickness of the sheet in thousandths of an inch.
Example: a 10 pt. card is 0.010 inch or 0.254 mm thick ; a 12 pt. card is 0.012 inch or 0.3048 mm thick.
Most Royal Brites® Poster Board, except for the White Poster Board,  is coated on both sides.
The thickness and weight are as follows:
12 pt. – 98 lb – 265g/m2
Poster board, Cardstock or Cover stock  which has single-sided coating is called  Coated One Side, (C1S) can differ from the double sided coated (C2S) as follows:

Poster Board Thickness Information

8 thoughts on “About Poster Board Thickness

  1. Jane Geiter says:

    I am looking for paper or card stock that is .024 thickness. I have no idea where to find it. Office supply stores don’t carry it. Can you give me any ideas where to find who sells this. I am located in Lancaster PA.

    • Andreea Ivescu says:


      If by .024 you are referring to 24 PT unfortunately we do not have this type of paper.
      If you have any other questions, please contact us!
      Have a wonderful day!

  2. Jane Geiter says:

    I am looking for paper or poster board that is .024 thick using a bar micrometer. I am looking for a company that sells this paper. Office supply stores do not sell anything this thick. Do you know where I can find paper this thick?

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