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Whimsical Easter Bunny

Cut a 14” circle from the pink poster board cut this piece in half creating a half moon. Shape into a cone overlapping an inch or two. Cut the ears, feet, head and hands from the

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Princess Tiara

Glue one of the silver doilies to the lilac poster board, about 1” away from edge. Position doily as shown. Take the second doily and position two large circles on edge directly

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Valentine’s Day Card

Adhere the paper doily to card stock, then cut out following outline. Accent a Giant Bear with a Sparkle Bow, then adhere to card. Add Cinnamon Hearts, then glue a candy heart to paw.

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Lace Doily Favors

Send guests home from the wedding with sweet “lace” favors Save your “something blue”: for the end of the night and present guests with these little packages.

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Doily Place Cards

Fold 2 ½” diameter round doilies in half, right sides in; fix the back half of each doily to either the front or back of the calligraphic place card with a glue stick and fold down other halves

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Doily Luminarias

To the Bride and Groom, nothing seems ordinary on their wedding day. They find beauty in things that might otherwise appear commonplace – like a plain paper bag.

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Royal Lace® Garlands

Doilies and silk ribbons combine to make graceful garlands to be draped over pews at the wedding ceremony or festooned along reception tables. From top: Lacy circles are laid flat

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Lace Doily Envelope

Create a lovely lace envelope filled with cookies, money or other small gifts! Or add a colorful ribbon to make a hanging decoration! Place doily face down on a flat surface

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Baby Shower Favor Basket

Place doily inside a favor basket. Sometimes the doily center will sit higher than the basket bottom. You can keep it this way, filling with less items, or you can trim the center out, using only the lacy edge to decorate your basket.

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Doily Narcissus

Grasp center of doily and make a twist, causing doily o ruffle into a bunch. Pinch together at bottom tightly and wrap with short piece of transparent tape. Repeat for 3 more blooms.

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