Crafts with Doilies


Doily Carnation

Grasp center of doily and make a twist, causing doily o ruffle into a bunch. Pinch together at bottom tightly and wrap with short piece of transparent tape. Repeat for 3 more blooms.

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Party Hat

Fold doily in half (FIG. A). Tie curling ribbon on each side to form chin strap. Glue curling ribbon on top to form tassel (FIG. B)

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Angel Ornament

Fold doily in half (FIG. A). Pleat into fan (FIG. B). Glue angel face at the top (FIG. C). Cut out halo and wings from gold doily and glue to back. Make a loop with thread for hanger

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Poster Board for Easter Decorations

Easter is a perfect time for creative projects – either to explore your own creativity or as a fun and engaging family activity. For DIY paper projects, the most versatile type of paper to work with is Poster Board, a sturdy paper product, yet pliable enough to be cut and shaped easily.

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Paper Doilies for Party Decorations

Paper doilies have been used for centuries to accent party decorations and culinary dishes.  You can creatively use paper and foil doilies to add a festive feeling to holiday celebrations, formal events, craft projects and much more.

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