DIY Graduation Cards & Invitations

Geographics printable graduation stationery is great for DIY Graduation Cards & Invitations. Save money and print your own Grad stationery, certificates, cards and invitations to send to your family and friends.

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Lace Doily Favors

Send guests home from the wedding with sweet “lace” favors Save your “something blue”: for the end of the night and present guests with these little packages.

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Doily Place Cards

Fold 2 ½” diameter round doilies in half, right sides in; fix the back half of each doily to either the front or back of the calligraphic place card with a glue stick and fold down other halves

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Baby Shower Favor Basket

Place doily inside a favor basket. Sometimes the doily center will sit higher than the basket bottom. You can keep it this way, filling with less items, or you can trim the center out, using only the lacy edge to decorate your basket.

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Victorian Party Favors

Place doily face down on a flat surface (FIG. A)
Fold in half as shown. The design should be visible (FIG. B). Fold corners up to the 12 o’clock position, bringing the folded edges together to form a seam up the center (FIG. C)

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Party Hat

Fold doily in half (FIG. A). Tie curling ribbon on each side to form chin strap. Glue curling ribbon on top to form tassel (FIG. B)

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Angel Ornament

Fold doily in half (FIG. A). Pleat into fan (FIG. B). Glue angel face at the top (FIG. C). Cut out halo and wings from gold doily and glue to back. Make a loop with thread for hanger

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Graduation Album Pages

Start by browsing the Geographics site for the perfect graduation background paper, letterheads and cardstock to create memorabilia using your graduation photos and our paper.

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Print Graduation Party Invitations

Have you printed your Graduation Party Invitations, yet?
Graduation is fast approaching. All over the world, the 2014 generations are studying for ex
ams, planning for the future and of course, preparing for the soon to come graduation ceremonies.

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