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Basket Bouquet

Line medallion doily with a 3″ circle of red paper. Fold both in half and glue small bunches or dried flowers to inside of folded shape, letting buds extend around edges. Seal with small dab of glue.

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Fan Ornament

Cut one Lace doily in half and fan fold. Gather cut ends tightly and wrap with floral tape to create a fun handle.

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Ice Cream Cone Ornament

Glue round doily to brown paper triangle and fold into a cone shape. Glue one 1” red and 1” white pom pom into cone top. and top with ½” red pom pom.

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Bear Ornament

Glue black sequin eyes, black pom pom nose, brown pom pom ears and pink felt mouth to 1 brown pom pom. After dipping one end glue, insert one third or toothpick up through bottom center or bear head.

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Christmas Angel Ornament

Use the pattern, enlarging to 3 7/8″ tall & cut this shape out of the drawing paper. Draw features on face & hair outlines with black permanent marker.

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Christmas Dove Decoration

Adhere satin to poster board using fusible web and following manufacturer’s directions. Enlarge pattern shown to measure 8 1/2″ from tip of beak to tail.

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Make Christmas Cards

This holiday season, you can easily make your own Christmas cards using Geographics blank cards: greeting cards , note cards, post cards or cardstock and Geographics free templates, clip art and suggested wording.

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Print Christmas Stationery For the Holidays

Making Christmas stationery like mailing labels is simple with Click n’ Print!

Christmas is all about reaching out to your loved ones—whether you’re having a lavish Christmas party or you just want to send holiday greetings to friends and family, creating your own Christmas stationery will let you prepare for the holidays in advance and at low cost to you.

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