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Use Neon Paper to Make Successful Signs, Flyers, and More

Neon-Paper-GeographicsIf you need to make preparations for a professional or community event, neon paper can be a helpful material when it comes to making attention-grabbing announcements.  Typically, office supply stores sell neon paper in reams just like your everyday printer paper.  However, you will have a greater selection of colors and paper sizes when shopping online.  At online stores like, you’ll find an assortment of fluorescent neon paper as well as other neon-colored items (like poster board) that are great products to use for events.

Neon paper is an excellent type of paper for making inexpensive flyers, brochures, and information signs at large-scale events.  And because of the color variety it also makes a great addition to school and arts and crafts projects.  The neon paper at comes in packs of fluorescent pink, orange, and red as well as in color variety packs that include fluorescent green and yellow.  You can choose between the standard laser paper or the neon sign board.  Sign board is a thicker and more durable paper that can be used standalone or with a display board project.  Try mixing and matching colors to give your project a vibrant and engaging appearance!

Fluorescent neon paper or sign board works great as a poster board component because contrasting neon colors are easily seen from a distance.  You can add visual interest to presentations, such as that for a science fair project, by using neon paper to highlight different parts of your board.  You can also spruce up a sign for an event like a career fair by printing the company name on neon paper.  In doing so, interested viewers could easily locate the booth in a crowded environment.  Furthermore, neon paper is perfect for creating holiday-related displays and documents.  If you’re having a bake sale or a charity fundraiser, draw folks to your table by creating some festive neon paper flyers to give participants a clear idea about the goals of your event.

Try using neon paper in your next project, along with Royal Brites poster board, foam board, or other board supplies to make a memorable display.

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Use Inkjet Photo Paper to Spread Holiday Cheer

Printing out pictures with inkjet photo paper is a great way to hold on to the memories you make this holiday season. Want some nice photos   in your family albums for later sharing, or for frames around your house? Don’t have the money to spare for printing them all out in a specialty store? Check out all of the great options in inkjet photo paper available at, for ways in which you can save money while still creating high quality photos.

For the holidays, sending Photo Greeting Cards with your family’s picture on the front is a great way to send personalized and fun holiday greetings. Sending Christmas Greeting Cards or Christmas Invitations with family portraits for a holiday party can also be a wonderful way to get your guests into the festive spirit before they arrive. The recipients of your cards and invitations will appreciate the great thoughtfulness of cards and invitations made by you, and not by a company.

Sending out professionally made holiday photo cards, however, can be incredibly expensive, as well as time consuming. Fortunately, with inkjet photo paper, and Christmas Cards and Paper from Geographics you can achieve the same level of quality results, while reserving your holiday funds. Save the extra money for the more important things, like throwing the best holiday party ever, or buying more gifts for your loved ones.

Visit today to look at our great selection of inkjet photo paper and Holiday Cards. Get Free Holiday Wording, plus Free Clip Art and a new tool that helps you print with professional results: Click’n Print!

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Inkjet Photo Paper: Perfect for Holiday Photos

Inkjet Photo PaperConsider when stocking up on inkjet photo paper as we begin nearing the big holiday season at the end of every year. With the many gatherings of family and friends to be taking place in the next few months, it is more than likely that you will be taking countless pictures with your digital camera to look fondly back on in years to come. It is also probable that you may want to create physical copies of your favorite photos, for which inkjet photo paper is the perfect material to use.

Coming in both glossy and matte paper styles, inkjet photo paper is specifically designed to utilize your inkjet printer to produce quality photo copies of digitally taken pictures. You can save a ton of both money and time if you use photo paper to print out pictures yourself, rather than trekking over to your nearest photo studio, where you will not only spend more money but waste a lot of time getting your pictures developed.

With inkjet photo paper from you won’t have to sacrifice quality for price. In fact, you can access even better quality photos than you would in a studio. Use high gloss photo paper to get a super-sharp photo finish. You can even create double-sided photo cards and brochures with the wide selections.

As the holidays approach, consider how useful it will be to stock up on inkjet photo paper!

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Craft Spring Flowers with Card Stock

Spring Flower CraftSpring Flower Crafts
Bring the colors of spring into your home with these easy crafts ideas for kids. Paper flowers are the quickest, most fun way to spruce up your kids’ room this Easter season.

To make these pretty flowers, you’ll need:
•    Colored cover stock papers (various colors)
•    Pencil
•    Pompoms – (small buttons – you can also glue two pieces of cover stock pieces and cut them round (medium to large)
•    Flexible straws/ chenille stems
•    Craft glue
•    Scissors
How to make it:
1. Draw a flower on the cover stock paper.
2. Cut out the flower and cut a small hole in the center.
3. Cut from the side of any one petal to the center of the flower. Overlap two petals and glue them together, giving the flower a slight curvature.
4. Glue the pompom in the center of the flower.
5. Finally, glue the straw/ chenille stem centrally onto the backside of the flower.
Use your imagination to make different size and patterns! An assortment of colors and lengths will make your project even more beautiful.

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How to Craft a Pencil Pinwheel

Pencil Pinwheel  How to Craft a Pencil Pinwheel

You need:
•    Colored card stock 
•    Thumbtack or stick pin
•    Pencil with eraser
•    White craft glue
•    Scissors
•    Sequins
•    Pattern 

How to make it:
1.    Print the pattern onto plain copy or printer paper. 
2.    Cut the square pattern out, cutting on the solid lines. 
3.    Lay pattern on top of colored paper and trace the square. Cut out the square from the colored paper. 
4.    Keep the pattern square on top of the colored square. Either hold it in place with your fingers or tape it down lightly on two of the sides. 
5.    Cut through the pattern and the colored paper along the dotted lines but do not cut in to the center circle. 
6.    Use a thumbtack or stick pin to poke out the holes in every other corner as indicated on thepattern . Set the pattern piece aside. 
7.    Take one corner (one with a hole) and fold it toward the center of the square. Fold the next corner that has a hole and fold it toward the center on top of the first holed corner. Repeat with the other two corners with holes until all four are folded into the center. Glue the folds to each other and to the center. Hold together until dry. 
8.    Push the thumbtack through the center of the pinwheel and into the eraser of the pencil. Make sure the pinwheel isn’t touching the eraser or it won’t spin. 
9.    Glue some sequins to the flaps of the pinwheel and let dry.

•    You can use plain white paper and have children color with crayons or markers to decorate before cutting out the pinwheel pattern.
•    Decorate with lightweight items such as sequins and stickers or glitter glue. Items like buttons and craft jewels are too heavy.
•    If the pinwheel isn’t turning properly, try using a longer stick pin rather than a thumbtack to allow more room between the pinwheel and the eraser.

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