Printable Stationery to Promote Your Business

Have you ever thought that using Printable Business Stationery to visually capture attention, make your brand name stand out and promote your products or services is a less expensive and most relevant way of communicating with your public? Building a visual identity that quickly and intuitively lets customers know what your business is all about is the way to go. Preserving this identity for ever, if possible is even better.

Once you have defined your visual identity, make sure that the graphic design elements for your  Business Cards, Letterhead, Envelopes or Brochures are perfectly aligned and working together to make a lasting, memorable impression on existing and potential customers.

Geographics Printable Business Cards
Geographics Printable Business Cards

With Geographics Printable Business Stationery, you can strike a perfect balance between affordable pricing and quality stationery featuring classic and new, trendy designs.

You can customize brochures and flyers from scratch using the blank, white C2S inkjet and laser printable paper available from Royal Brites, made in the USA or using the pre-printed stationery with business designs.


Geographics Business Stationery comes with a variety of business designs ready printed so that you can just enter the text. To customize Geographics Stationery, we offer Word Templates, Clip Art and Suggested Wording as well as a free online customization tool – IClicknPrint Design Center which comes with a variety of unique features such as hover over fonts and colors, free clip art, shapes and lines, suggested wording as well as pre-set templates. It contains a Data and Mail Merge application which allows you to merge data from Excel and CSV into text boxes from your business letterhead, envelopes, brochures, fliers, mailing labels, business cards, invitations and more. This feature is a huge time saver and you can always access the saved files next time you need to send correspondence to the same customers or print the same business cards.

Using Geographics Business Stationery with Designs replaces working with a professional designer to build your visual identity. A business design that represents your company should be consistently used in correspondence and communication with the outside world.

Your company and its products or services can be associated with freshness, optimism, happiness, cheer etc. if you choose to use fresh, colorful designs or if you are aiming to be perceived as a more traditional or conservative business, you can choose classic designs.

Geographics Envelopes Gold FoilTo convey the right company image you need to carefully  choose your logo, colors, typeface, images, etc. Luckily, Geographics Business Stationery comes with various unique style designs and papers to suit a variety of needs – from the more classic designs to modern and exciting colorful ones

Geographics Business Letterhead

An important thing to keep in mind that your visual identity does not need to be complicated – simplicity is beautiful and memorable. When you try to include too many things you risk confusing your audience. This becomes even more important if you are designing everything yourself, remember that professional designers work hard to achieve elegance through simplicity. that means removing elements from a company’s business identity that do not add real value. Turn “less is more” into your design mantra and keep things simple.

Brochure Paper Geographics

At, we know that managing a business is hard, challenging and time consuming so we strive to offer quality products that save you time and money. Use Geographics quality Printable Business Stationery and Royal Brites US-made coated Business Cards, Matte Paper and Brochure Paper and start communicating!

Yes, You Still Need Business Cards!




Though you may not have a large budget to spend on printable stationery, there are still plenty of affordable solutions. Geographics business cards  are one solution that solves your problem when it comes to time, money and availability.

People talk about fully embracing the digital path when interacting or promoting a small or medium size businesses.


Geographics Stripes Printable Business Cards

Do Business Cards still have a purpose?

We’re saying a big YES and here’s why we think this is true. Despite all the digital tools available, so much of what we do in terms of doing business or promoting what we do is this very personal – think about how much sales and marketing are still dependent on the relationships you build with your customers. Most of the trust people have in businesses comes from the direct interaction with the owners or the employees of the company or institution.

How frustrating would it be to find yourself engaged in a conversation with someone who seems genuinely curious and interested in what you do or have to offer and having to scribble on a piece of paper your company’s name, website or contact information. Would you really want to rely on a piece of paper? They could grab their smartphone and look up your website  or write your contact details but wouldn’t you rather have them spend that time focusing on meaningful conversation?

A few tips on how to make the best out of Geographics business cards:

  • Choose a blank perforated business card pack or design business cards. If you have a paper cutter, you may choose cardstock in the texture and color that matches your taste or your company’s specs. Geographics offers a variety of designs and finishes, including gold and silver foil stamped business cards.
  • Geographics Paisley Business Cards

    Keep the design simple, elegant and include visual elements that represent with your business such as a logo, a suggestive clip-art or your picture. Slick and elegant Paisley Business Cards would work wonderfully with an art, fashion or even furniture or home-design business while our Flowers Mini Cards would be perfect for a photographer or a flower business. All Geographics cards have MS Word free Templates and you can easily play around with various fonts, colors and alignments using your MS Office editing skills.You may want to choose a matte or glossy finish for visual appeal as well as a fine embossed or foil stamped business cards.

  • Geographics Flowers Mini Cards

    Geographics also offers IClicknPrint Design Center, an application where you can customize Geo Business Cards while being able to see the chosen item image in the background. The application is offered free to all Geographics customers and offers many editing tools, among which Merge. Once created, the business card file can be downloaded to be printed, in the form of a PDF file and you can save it in your computer  for future use.

How to Choose Materials for Custom Office Stationery

Business Office Stationery GeographicsTaking the time to make your own office stationery will go far to make a personal impression on your business contacts.  Office stationery is a broad category that can include business cards, envelopes, invitations, brochure paper, note cards and more.  Creating a cohesive look for all of your office stationery will show your business contacts that you put time into the image of your company.  Online, you can find a wide variety of printable office stationery to fit the style of your business.

Picking out office stationery is a strategic process because the design you choose will say a lot about your company.  You may be wondering how stationery paper differs from plain old copy paper.  The difference is in the paper texture or thickness; copy paper has a standard weight of 20lb, while business letterhead can be thicker or thinner if using fine paper.  Therefore, letterhead paper is generally better at catching a reader’s eye.  Using letterhead paper to print business letters, reports, or other documents will ensure that they stand out from documents printed on regular printer paper.

Most office stationery designs are simple because the main focus of the page should be the content of your document.  For example, many business letterheads feature geometric designs at the top of the document so your eye is drawn towards the content on the page.  However, office stationery can also be themed for holidays or decorative purposes and also have details such as foil embossing.  If you want to save a bit of money, you may be interested in picking up a business suite which contains a collection of stationery such as letterhead, cards, and envelopes all in one package.

Printing personalized office stationery is very easy, particularly when it comes to letterhead.  With a program such as Microsoft Word, you can create and print your own letterhead and envelope designs with ease using the integrated features.  You can also use free stationery templates available on the web which come pre-made with guidelines and text boxes.  A stationery template will differ in structure depending on the website you download from, but in most cases all you need to do type in your own information into the provided text boxes and then insert your own images or clip art if desired.

IClickn’Print, a free online design program offered for Geographics customers, is also a helpful resource when it comes to designing office stationery.  You start by creating your own template using text boxes on a stationery background, or you can select a ready-made template from iClickn’Print.  From there, you can customize your stationery using different fonts and color, insert your company logo or other images using the Add Image tool, add free clip art for decoration, and freely adjust any text box or image in a drag-and-drop style.  Thanks to all of its immersive design tools, iClickn’Print can help you produce highly professional office stationery designs while saving you money.

Shopping for printable office stationery to create custom stationery items for your company is a fun and hassle-free process.  DIY and discover the benefits!

Where to Get 250 Free Business Cards and How to Use Them

Geographics Blank Business CardsManaging a business is costly, and stationery items such as business cards can take a lot out of your wallet.  One of the best ways to save on business stationery is to take advantage of 250 free business card offers.  Such deals are a great way to save if you need to buy other stationery items or if you simply wish to stock up on office supplies. is one stationery source where you can find a wide selection of printable business cards, letterhead, note cards, mailing labels, brochures and more.  If you place an order that totals $75 or more, you’ll get a free gift of 250 blank white business cards!

Designing and printing a set of 250 business cards for free is fun and simple.  You can do it using a variety of methods, but some common ways include utilizing a design program or a downloadable template.  Business card templates come in different formats depending on the website you use, but one example is a template that you can edit using Microsoft Word.  You can find such templates at; all you have to do is type your text in the designated boxes.  From there you can add your company logo and customize your text however you like to make a unique card for your company.

One advantage of getting your 250 business cards from is that you’ll have access to the innovative design program, iClickn’Print.  It conveniently offers a template for business cards that is made from a series of text boxes.  You can create a set of business cards in seconds using the handy “Synchronize” feature; once you’ve entered and stylized your text design for one business card, clicking the “Synchronize” button will instantly apply your design to the rest of the business cards on your sheet.  Voila!  You’ll have a set of business cards ready to print.  Using iClickn’Print, you’ll also have the chance to easily decorate your business cards using shapes, clip art, or your own images.

By creating your business cards instead of ordering them, you’ll save money and also be able to take pride in your customized design.  Check out the business stationery at to find some great designs and try out some hassle-free design tools.

How to Design a Letterhead Using Business Stationery or Design Paper

Business LetterheadIf you’ve been curious about how to design a letterhead, then you’ll be happy to know that with the right tools it is a quick, simple and fun process.  All you need to start is a business letterhead paper that suits the feel of your company.  For holiday or celebratory memos, you can also use design paper to make your documents more festive.  Since letterhead designs revolve around a standard 8.5″ x 11″ layout, designing a letterhead is super easy.  You can use a word processing program to make a simple design in minutes or you can use a more extensive design software to make your design all the more unique.  At, you can find a wide variety of designer paper suitable for letterhead as well as some helpful and free design aids!

There is no perfect method regarding how to design a letterhead, but a standard business letterhead features several typical components.  These include your company’s logo, your company’s name and location, your recipient’s name and address, the date, and a greeting.  After the body of your letter, the footer of your letterhead should include a closing salutation, your name, your title, and your contact information.  Traditionally, all of the elements in a business letter are left-justified.  However, you can make a great impression by trying out a unique design on your letterhead.  For example, play around with the placement of your company’s logo, try out several different fonts and colors for your text, and insert some clip art for a fun, personal touch if it matches the content of your letter.  There are lots of tools you can use online to make a completely original and successful letterhead design.

Click n’ Print, a free online design program from, features visual guidelines and a variety of design tools within an easy-to-use interface to help you learn how to design a letterhead.  When you start Click n’ Print, you begin with a blank template.  If you’re using a stationery or design paper purchased from, you can choose to work on a background that matches your product to get a better idea of sizing when you design.  To create your letterhead, you can insert text boxes to form a layout and freely adjust them in a drag-and-drop style.  After typing the text content for your letterhead, you can edit the font, color, and sizing of your text.  From there, you can add  free clip art or insert your own images or company logo to finalize your document.  Using Click n’ Print, there are few limits to designing a letterhead.

With all of the choices in business stationery and design tools you can find online, there’s nothing stopping you from learning how to design a letterhead for personal or business use.  Visit to see a great assortment of letterhead materials.