Use Free Certificate Templates to Customize Printable Certificates

Free Certificate MS Word Template GeographicsDid you know that free certificate templates can help you print great award certificates from your home, school or office?  Printing your own awards is a cost-effective way of showing your appreciation for students or employees.  Geographics certificates come with an extensive collection of free downloadable certificate templates which you can open and edit in MS Word.

To print the best awards you can make from your home or office, you will first need some printable certificates.  Printable certificates of the highest quality are usually made from fine paper in a parchment, ivory, or opaque white color.  They also feature border designs with very intricate detail; printable certificate designs come in many colors and may also include decorative foil patterns or embossing.

Particularly when shopping online, you can find full-sized as well as 2UP and 3UP certificates which have two and three certificates per sheet respectively.  Full-size printable certificates are the standard paper size of 8.5”x11”.  Mini 2UP and the 3UP gift certificates are great for elementary, kindergarten, or preschool students as well as for employee of the month and similar awards.  Check out school and sports certificates to find designs for specific sports and school subjects that kids will love to receive.

Using a free template with your certificate is the key to saving time on the design process.  Many design programs are costly and take time to learn.  Geographics makes it easy by offering free MS word certificate templates.  You can browse dozens of templates for all types of certificates and open your template in Microsoft Word for an easy editing process.  The templates are available with or without certificate-themed clip art; if you’d like to print your own certificate title, simply choose the links that specify “Without Clip Art” on the Geographics templates page.

For those who want to create a detailed certificate template, Geographics offers the easy-to-use iClickn’Print software to uniquely customize certificates for free.  You can create text boxes and edit your text using a variety of colors and fonts, adjust your layout in a drag and drop style, add decorative shapes and lines, insert free clip art and even import your own images or a logo.  In this way, you can make highly personalized and professional awards that will make a meaningful impression on your award recipients.

Whether you use free certificate templates or an online program like iClickn’Print, one major advantage to using the template method is you will be able to access your template again whenever you need it.  If you wish to print more certificates later on, these are the fastest, free solutions.

Free Card Making the Easy Way

Card making in Click n' Print
Making cards from scratch is a breeze with Click n’ Print.

For those interested in free card making, you’ll be glad to know that you can indeed produce memorable, personalized cards right from your own printer.  There are several methods of free card making out there, all of which you can use to make professional quality cards.  For example, using free templates and editing them in a program like Microsoft Word lets you customize the contents of your cards including images and clip art.  However, using an online design program like Click n’ Print, a free card maker from, offers a variety of design options in an easy-to-use interface.  It’s both an in-depth and hassle-free way to make a completely original card of your own!

To get the most out of free card making, use printable greeting cards.  You can print out your cards on printer paper if you wish, but using card stock will make your cards sturdier and more professional-looking when it comes time to send them. offers an impressive stock of printable greeting cards organized by holiday and by theme.  If you are making thank you cards, invitations, or similar types of cards, explore Geographics formal cards and invitations to find elegant cards you can print on.  To make printable cards completely from scratch, all you need are some printable blank cards—Geographics has a wide range of blank cards in an assorted sizes and finishes.

Using Click n’ Print to design greeting cards redefines the process of free card making.  Click n’ Print lets you create a blank greeting card template or use a ready-made greeting card template for your cards.  From there, you can create text for your template and edit using a variety of colors and fonts, add and adjust shapes and lines, insert clip art, or import your own images to make your cards all the more personalized.  If you’ve got writer’s block, Click n’ Print also features a selection of suggested wording for cards of all holidays and occasions.  Whether you want to spend time creating a unique card or you need to get your cards out ASAP, Click n’ Print lets you do it all!

Thanks to its convenient versatile features, Click n’ Print sets new expectations for the world of free card making.  Check it out and see what you can create today—Geographics offers a free gift of 25 blank greeting cards on orders over $75!

Free Templates for Cards: Create Cards in Seconds

Using free templates for cards is a new breakthrough in the process of at-home card-making.  Thanks to advances in technology, creating and printing your own business cards, greeting cards, post cards, note cards, thank you cards, etc., using editable, pre-formatted templates, has become a breeze.  offers two kinds of free templates for all Geographics blank or design printable cards, invitations and more, to help you turn your card-making ideas into reality at zero cost.

  1. Free Word Templates for cards open the template files directly in Microsoft Word, so you can edit the contents of the template using all of your favorite Word features.  Take advantage of the page which offers complimentary clip art and wording by theme and holiday. Look for the links that contain the phrase “Clip Art and Wording”.

Find the kind of wording or clip art you need and use it. You can make changes to the wording or just accept it as it is. Best of all, you save the free card templates on your computer and use them again and again. The only disadvantage to the Word templates is that you may have to gather things from more than one place. Once you learn the path, you will be able to make and print your cards fast and easy. What a relief!

  1. While all templates for cards are free and easy-to-use, consider creating an account on Click’n Print for a more visual card-making experience.  Click’n Print is the free design program that lets you search for the card templates you need, personalize them, add Clip Art and Wording and make up to 10 different card styles in one album, all in one place. You can create as many albums as you wish and save your card templates online for later use, free of charge!  When you log back on, you will choose from a list of saved templates and start working on them or you can create a brand new album project.

Geographics has created Click’ n Print as a highly visual and user-friendly software to add value to Geographics designer stationery,  blank cards, letterhead, photo paper and other paper products sold in stores or online.

Take advantage of the Clickn’ Print features such as Fonts and Colors for your text, (the hover over feature is so cool…), Shapes and Lines, (they can be colored inside and out!),  Card Layouts and Free Templates ready-made for business cards, mailing labels and other difficult items. Clickn’ Print will let you create for free, professional cards that will parallel any card printing service.

Stay up-to-date with Geographics free templates for cards and other paper products by subscribing to’s newsletter.  Plus, you get a $5 coupon! We keep on adding new templates so you can always be satisfied!


What’s New – Free Geographics Templates for Certificates, Diplomas and Awards

Geographics is coming up with a full solution to the customers’ needs by creating an area where users can download Free Templates loaded with Clip Art and Wording.

The first project and the most important is the Awards and Recognition area: Geographics Certificates are recognized as being the best on the market for their  design intricacy and variety of paper base and printing processes: from parchment to premium  ivory and white bond paper, from intricate color certificate borders  to foil stamped certificate borders. Geographics has it all: certificates for kindergarten, schools and universities and all the accessories needed for a great award: Document Covers, Foil Seals, Certificate Kits with Seals & Ribbons, Document Envelopes and Certificate Frames and Plaques.

Q: How is the new Free Templates, Clip Art and Wording helping our customers?

A: By offering them templates that work with all certificates, certificate titles that are carefully designed and a page structure that allows the user to make their own changes.
We are updating the archive every day with new titles and artwork.
We have grouped our certificates, diploma and awards templates in three separate categories,  FREE AWARD Templates Clip Art and Wording, FREE CERTIFICATE Templates Clip Art and Wording and FREE DIPLOMA Templates, Clip Art and Wording,  each containing sub-categories like Pre-school and Kindergarten, Elementary School, Middle School and High School, University and Business. Here is an example from Business Certificate templates:Free Geographics Certificate Templates
Inside each of these categories our Geographics customers can find various titles of Certificate Templates, Diploma Templates or Award Templates, all  easy to open , understand and work with.

The Word templates are Free for our users to use and save on their computers. Check these templates out and give us your feed-back. Ideas for new templates are welcome.

In the meantime, a new and user friendlier Click’n Print is under development and it is soon to come. We will keep you updated!

The next project in the Templates, Clip Art and Wording area is availability of Templates for all occasions and events:
Specific Geographics product types like Printable Letterhead, Cards and Invitations  will have Designer-made templates for various holidays, occasions and events with Suggested Wording and Clip Art.

This will help ourGeographics Customers to print their own stationery in a professional manner, fast and easy and more importantly, save money!

The scope of the templates, Clip Art and Wording is to offer Geo Customers convenience, to save their time and money using Printable Geographics Stationery Products.
It’s a Win-Win!

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Looking forward to get your comments.