Make a Customized Certificate of Appreciation to Reward Employees, Students or Friends

Geographics Printable Certificate of AppreciationDesigning and printing your own certificates of appreciation as awards can make a lasting impression on those in both your personal and professional community.  Using printable certificates for gift-making is a meaningful but inexpensive way of showing thanks to any of your peers who are deserving of an award!  Printable award certificates can be used in a variety of ways to meet your needs and the needs of your award recipients.

A certificate of appreciation is a highly personal gift, so you should not hold back from including details or embellishments that accurately express your appreciation.  One of the benefits of digitally designing your certificates is that you can incorporate visual details such as photos or logos into your awards with ease.  Furthermore, you can choose to be as formal or informal as you want in your award’s message and appearance so the certificate personally relates to the recipient while also maintaining the voice of your company or organization.  Deciding on what type of printable certificate you want to use is a good first step to making a unique set of in appreciation certificates.

Standard 8.5”x11” letter size certificate paper is the most common size used for certificates of appreciation.  However, there are smaller sizes available that often come in 2UP and 3UP packs, featuring two and three certificates per sheet respectively.  2UP and 3UP certificates are a great choice of material for kids’ awards or gift certificates, and they can help you save money and time when printing.  In terms of certificate designs, you will find all types of patterns and colors when shopping online.  Traditional certificates are often seen with a filigree border in colors such as blue, green, burgundy, gold or silver.  However, you can also find certificates in a wide variety of themed designs or made from specific materials.  Parchment certificates, for instance, add formality to an award.  Certificates with foil designs are eye-catching and can increase the visual appeal of your awards.

If you are new to making certificates of appreciation or you don’t have any stationery design software, you can easily design and print an 8.5”x11” certificate simply using your word processing program of choice.  Traditionally award certificates are oriented landscape, but you can choose which orientation works best for your

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Making custom certificates to show appreciation for the hard workers in your life is a cost-effective way of showing that you care.  The iClickn’Print Design Center offers customers ready-made templates and creative tools so they can create and print certificates for free.  DIY and save!

Use Printable Gift Certificates to Make a Fun and Easy Gift

3UP Printable Gift Certificates GeographicsPrintable gift certificates are a personal and easy-to-make gift for someone close to you and they can also be a great way of promoting your business or organization.  By making your own gift certificates, you have the freedom to make completely unique designs that are customized for your award recipient or for your company.  All you need are some printable gift certificates, a printer and possibly a design tool to create personalized certificates in minutes!

Gift certificates can be made using many materials, but using printable certificates, which are constructed from several paper types and usually feature a pre-printed design, will help to give you a base for designing your certificates.  Not to mention, they will look classy and professional out of the printer.  3UP gift certificates are one type of printable certificates that can help you save both time and money; one sheet features three printable certificates separated by perforated lines.  As a result, you can quickly print your design on three certificates at once which is very helpful if you are making a large volume of gift certificates for an event.

Certificate templates are a convenient tool when it comes to facilitating the printing process of your printable gift certificates.  Most often, you can find certificate templates available for free from online retailers of printable certificates and other stationery.  While templates can vary greatly in structure, one common type of template can be made using MS Word.  Therefore, all a user has to do is open the template in his or her word processing program, type the message for the gift certificate and print.  In such templates, users are also free to add decorative embellishments such as clip art or a defining image like a company or school logo to further customize the certificate.  For a more in-depth design experience, a user can also try a design program, such as the online program iClickn’Print, which offers templates as well as creative features like wording and shapes to create gift certificates within a single environment.

Printable gift certificates are not just limited to digital customization; after you’ve printed your certificates, adorning them with stickers, seals, ribbons and other certificate embellishments can add an extra bit of flair to make a gift certificate feel all the more rewarding.  Furthermore, gift certificates are designed to be presented!  Using a document cover or certificate envelope to hold your gift certificates will make a lasting impression on your award recipients.

Use Free Certificate Templates to Customize Printable Certificates

Free Certificate MS Word Template GeographicsDid you know that free certificate templates can help you print great award certificates from your home, school or office?  Printing your own awards is a cost-effective way of showing your appreciation for students or employees.  Geographics certificates come with an extensive collection of free downloadable certificate templates which you can open and edit in MS Word.

To print the best awards you can make from your home or office, you will first need some printable certificates.  Printable certificates of the highest quality are usually made from fine paper in a parchment, ivory, or opaque white color.  They also feature border designs with very intricate detail; printable certificate designs come in many colors and may also include decorative foil patterns or embossing.

Particularly when shopping online, you can find full-sized as well as 2UP and 3UP certificates which have two and three certificates per sheet respectively.  Full-size printable certificates are the standard paper size of 8.5”x11”.  Mini 2UP and the 3UP gift certificates are great for elementary, kindergarten, or preschool students as well as for employee of the month and similar awards.  Check out school and sports certificates to find designs for specific sports and school subjects that kids will love to receive.

Using a free template with your certificate is the key to saving time on the design process.  Many design programs are costly and take time to learn.  Geographics makes it easy by offering free MS word certificate templates.  You can browse dozens of templates for all types of certificates and open your template in Microsoft Word for an easy editing process.  The templates are available with or without certificate-themed clip art; if you’d like to print your own certificate title, simply choose the links that specify “Without Clip Art” on the Geographics templates page.

For those who want to create a detailed certificate template, Geographics offers the easy-to-use iClickn’Print software to uniquely customize certificates for free.  You can create text boxes and edit your text using a variety of colors and fonts, adjust your layout in a drag and drop style, add decorative shapes and lines, insert free clip art and even import your own images or a logo.  In this way, you can make highly personalized and professional awards that will make a meaningful impression on your award recipients.

Whether you use free certificate templates or an online program like iClickn’Print, one major advantage to using the template method is you will be able to access your template again whenever you need it.  If you wish to print more certificates later on, these are the fastest, free solutions.

Make Graduation Certificates to Celebrate the Achievements of your Loved Ones

Graduation Award Certificate GeographicsCustom graduation certificates make a fun and meaningful gift for adults and kids alike, and whether you wish to make them for a formal or casual graduation celebration they are a great way to show how proud you are!  With only a set of printable certificates and some certificate accessories, you can design and print personalized award certificates for a graduation celebration in a short amount of time from the convenience of your home or office.

Printable graduation certificates come in tons of designs.  Typically, you’ll find them in a standard size of 8.5”x11” of parchment or non-parchment paper; this makes for a no-hassle printing process.  However, printable certificates are also available in other forms, such as 2UP mini certificates or 3UP gift certificates; the smaller certificates are a cute choice when it comes to kindergarten or preschool graduations.  In terms of appearance, parchment certificates will give your diploma a professional feel, while non-parchment certificates are more suited for a casual diploma.  Selecting a certificate with a foil design is an excellent idea if you want your award to have some extra pizzazz.  If you shop online, you are certain to find a certificate design that works for the graduation you are celebrating.

Once you’ve decided on the style of graduation certificate you’d like to use, there are many ways to go about designing your awards.  If you are working with an 8.5”x11” certificate, you can try your hand at making a certificate design from scratch in a program like Microsoft Word.  Simply orient your page in the landscape orientation, write your own text and insert whatever clip art or images you’d like to use.  Online, you can even find free MS Word certificate templates that may include a suggested layout, wording, and pre-made signature lines.  Using a template is a big help when it comes to saving time on the design process.

Using design software is another option of putting together a graduation certificate that offers a high level of customization.  In the design program iClickn’Print, for example, you can make your own template layout using adjustable text and image boxes or you can work from one of the program’s pre-made templates.  Edit fonts and colors, upload your own images, add create shapes and lines to your template, and much more.  Upon creating an iClickn’Print account, you’ll also be able to save your printable diploma template for future use.  Making a graduation award from scratch may seem a bit complicated, but with a design program the process is hassle-free.

Taking the time to make graduation certificates for friends, family members, or students is a thoughtful way to add importance to their big day.  By utilizing a do-it-yourself method, you will save time and money and be able to personalize your awards to fit their recipients perfectly.

Use Printable School Certificates to Show Appreciation for Students

Printable School Certificates GeographicsGiving a child a personalized school certificate is a meaningful way to show recognition for his or her academic achievements.  Particularly with younger students, a little bit of praise and encouragement can go a long way in helping a student feel confident about how they are performing in school.  Printable school certificates are an easy to make and come in many fun, themed designs that students will love.

If you’ve never made a school certificate for a student, you’re probably curious about where to printable award certificates.  You may find a variety of printable certificates at your local office supply store, but you’ll have the greatest selection of designs if you shop online.  School certificates often feature colorful and playful designs that celebrate your child’s accomplishments.  If you want to make a certificate for a student’s accomplishment in a particular school subject or activity, such as a sports certificate, chances are you’ll be able to find a certificate design that meets your needs online.

School certificates usually come in the standard 8.5”x11” paper size.  However, printable certificates are also manufactured in the form of 2UP or 3UP sheets.  2UP certificates feature two mini certificates per sheet; they are a great choice for making awards for younger students, like kindergartners or preschoolers.  3UP certificates feature three thinner certificates on one sheet, so they are well suited for making gift certificates.

There are many easy methods you can use to create a customized school certificate for a child.  If you have the time, filling in the certificate by hand (such as by writing in calligraphy) is a fantastic way to personalize it and make a child feel appreciated.  However, creating a template for your certificates and printing them out is a faster method and helps to make a more professional-looking document.  If you are using a standard size 8.5”x11” certificate, you can simply use a program like Microsoft Word to type out your text and print in minutes; just make sure to set the page orientation to “landscape”.  By making your own template, you’re also free to add digital embellishments such as clip art or a school logo.  Not to mention, you can easily change fonts and font colors.

If you’re really pressed for time, you’ll be glad to know that you can also find free certificate templates online to help guide you in making a school certificate.  Using a pre-made template is certainly the fastest method of certificate-making, but not all templates are made equal.  Some may include a ready-made design with themed wording, but some templates may simply have guideline boxes for where to write in your text.  Free templates are most often offered by stationery retailers who have a good sense of what sort of style and wording would best fit a school certificate.  If this sounds like the option for you, make sure to download from a website that you trust.

There are really no limits regarding how to make a school certificate.  If you are savvy with stationery-making software, you can design some truly impressive certificates that will make your student’s day.  One example of an online design program that helps create certificates is the iClickn’Print software offered by Geographics.  It offers pre-made templates with certificate wording, freely adjustable text boxes, complimentary school-themed clip art, and much more.