Make a Certificate for School in Minutes!

Making a certificate for school, for example certificates of award, certificates of appreciation, reading certificates, sport awards certificates, diplomas, awards and more is an essential way to motivate your students and to encourage them throughout the school year. offers printable school certificates  that come in a variety of designs and sizes.
The free school certificate templates accommodate most school subjects.  Whether your award will go to a pre-schooler or a high school student, has all of the awards and certificates supplies you need to create an award that will make its recipient feel special. You will find certificate seals and document covers the best materials to complete your award.

When choosing a design for a school certificates, there are many things to consider depending on your students.  Make smaller certificates for younger students like pre-school or kindergarten. They  will likely enjoy smaller certificates like a 2UP school certificate which you can adorn with kids clip art available for free at Geographics.  Browse the website for certificates for school or certificates for sports to find designs that show accomplishment in a particular activity or school subject.   Make certificates for the elementary school students who will be proud to receive certificates that demonstrate their strength in a subject they’ve devoted time to.  If you are making a certificate for a middle school student or a high school student, take a look at our selection of foil and parchment certificates.  These high quality school certificates will make your student feel important. These fine certificates can be framed and preserved for years to come.  Finally, our packs of 3UP mini certificates are great for gift certificates—the cute size can suit all students, perfectly!

You’ll be amazed by how easy it is to print a certificate for school.  You can use a school certificate  word template with clip art and wording to help you get finished certificates in minutes or you can look for certificate templates without clip art and you can modify the ready made template as you wish. allows you  to browse our selection of free downloadable certificate templates and offers you a chance to work with free clicknprint software that contains all the certificates and the clip art and wording in one place. Check it out!

All Geographics  certificate templates come with convenient suggested wording—simply replace the default information with text that fits your award’s recipient, and voila, you are ready to print!  But before you simply give away the certificate, consider adding fancy embellishments like foil seals or a document cover to really make it a special presentation.
Below is an image of the free templates with suggested wording and clip art from geographics:

cetrificate templates for school

Giving out certificates for school will let your students know that their merit in school subjects and extracurricular activities is worth celebrating.  Shop for the best in certificates and award accessories.



Encourage, Inspire and Reward with Printable Certificates

Printable certificates might not sound significant, but they can do a lot for your students or employees. Everyone wants to know that their hard work and abilities are not going unnoticed. An elegant award or certificate is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to show your appreciation for a job well done. Employee morale goes up when your best workers receive recognition.
Printable Certificates Geographics

Teachers and instructors can use printable certificates of appreciation 8.5”x11” or mini certificates 3UP 3.66”x8.5” printable gift certificates as positive reinforcement for students that excel. The certificate recipient’s confidence and motivation is boosted, and their fellow students or colleagues are inspired to work towards earning an award of their own.

Selecting the Right Certificate Design offers a wide range of certificate designs that are suitable for different situations. Try to find a certificate that fits the reason for recognition. For example, a simpler design might be sufficient for a smaller achievement that is met within a few days or weeks. Here we recommend the mini gift 3up certificates. Long term achievements call for a much more sophisticated design. We recommend the printable parchment certificates or the non-parchment certificates which are printed on 24lb or 28lb cream paper or opaque white paper.
Or, get a complete certificate kit that contains printable certificates, document covers and certificate seals and ribbons
Choose a color and pattern combination that best represents the scale and importance of the achievement.

Small Details Go a Long Way

A few small accessories can go a long way when you present the certificate. The appeal of printable certificates lies in the appearance. A regal or official looking document will make a stronger impression than a few words printed on a plain piece of paper. Use thick, sturdy paper in white or a parchment texture. Geographics also offers durable certificate covers or document covers in multiple colors and textures so you can easily match them up with your printable certificate design. A simple certificate foil seal can dramatically enhance the beauty of the certificate and make a stronger impact on those who see it.

The Simplest Way to Say “Good Job!”

Printable certificates are extremely easy to prepare. You can order many certificate designs and use our free certificate templates, clip art and wording to print them from anywhere within seconds. Free printable certificate templates allow the user to add custom text without altering the design. No technical knowledge is necessary to produce an eye-catching certificate that will make your recipient feel proud!