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Make Your Own Christmas Cards

This holiday season, you can easily make your own Christmas cards using Geographics blank  cards: greeting cards , note cards, post cards or cardstock and Geographics free templates, clip art and suggested wording. With free templates, you can make beautiful Christmas cards in no time and be proud of your personal input and creativity.

Making a Christmas card template and saving it for later use will also save you time and money when it comes to creating and printing future greeting cards.  In addition, sending  Christmas cards made by yourself, is a great way to show love and appreciation for your friends and family.

To make a great Christmas Card you can use either of the two methods:

1. WORD TEMPLATES: Use Christmas Word Templates, Clip Art and Wording.
2. DESIGN SOFTWARE: Geographics iclicknprint free stationery customization.

cnp_iclicknprint_com_stationery_customize_php-Christmas Clip Art
Learning how make Christmas cards using your computer is an easy process.
Since you will be printing your cards from your home, school or office computer, the first step is to order some attractive printable greeting cards that are compatible with your printer.  Most blank cards are compatible with both inkjet and laser printers.
Use Geographics  Stationery website to choose from a wide variety of fold-over greeting cards, flat cards, 2-up note cards and 4-up postcards and invitations.
Photo greeting cards are also a great choice.  If you would prefer to make a card from scratch, you can also find a good selection of quality blank greeting cards and matching envelopes that allow you to add your own unique touches, including text, images and clip art.  If you decide to use Christmas photo cards, just prepare your family photos to print on the photo paper.

Once you have picked out the paper for your Christmas cards, you’ll be surprised how many design choices you have in iclicknprint. Start by selecting a background to create your template.  From there, you can use one of the layouts to quickly design your card or you can design your template from scratch.  Whichever method you choose, you’ll have a wide range of customization options to make a Christmas card that your friends and family will  admire  and save it for years to come.
Create and edit text boxes, rearrange your layout in a drag-and-drop style, import photos, clip art and images, use shapes and lines, nice fonts and more!  You can create and  make your Christmas cards design ideas a reality.


After you make your own Christmas cards you’ll never want to go back to buying department store greeting cards. offers a wide selection of printable greeting cards for all occasions–try your hand at card-making with Iclicknprint or Word templates, clip art and suggested wording, today!

The images provided here show some steps and examples that give you an idea of how to use your creativity and free clip art provided by iclicknprint to make outstanding Greeting Cards.


If you are good with MS Word, you can obtain the same results using our Word templates and the clip art and suggested wording available in the Word Templates page. you can save the Word template in your computer and use it anytime you want, make changes to it, etc
Show your artistic side this Christmas: make your own Christmas cards with Geographics paper and free customization tools. Save money and get cheers!

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Use Printable Blank Cards and Save for Any Event

Geographics Printable Blank Greeting CardsPrintable blank cards can be an asset when it comes to saving time and money for a party or event.  By printing your own greeting cards, note cards, thank you cards, RSVP cards and much more you can keep your wallet full and also customize the stationery for your event however you like.  Blank cards are available in a large number of sizes, colors, and formats and work well for casual, formal, and professional events.

Printable blank cards are inexpensive and easy to find in physical stores as well as online.  Blank greeting cards are typically sold in a 5.5”x8.5” size folded, but they may come several varieties of finishes, such as matte and glossy.  You can save a lot of money by purchasing blank greeting cards in bulk quantities, which often come with envelopes included.  Blank note cards are also foldable but usually found smaller than greeting cards in a size such as 4.25”x6.25”; they work excellently as thank you cards or as mini invitations.  Post cards are flat cards that come in a wide color variety and can be used for all types of cards.  If you’re feeling creative, blank business cards (often sold in perforated 8.5”x11” sheets) are a not only a great material for making custom business cards, but they are also perfect for name or gift tags.

Even if you’re new to using printable blank cards, making your own printable stationery can be a simple and fast task with the right design tools.  For example, using a downloadable card template will help to ease the process of designing a blank card from scratch and also offers an inexpensive solution compared to using greeting card software.  Downloadable templates will vary in structure depending on the source website.  MS Word templates, for example, typically feature text boxes so you can write in your text and guidelines to help print a specific type of card correctly.  Online stationery retailers are some great sources for free templates; for your security, make sure you download from a source that you trust.

In addition to templates, you may also find design programs online that offer in-depth tools to create designs for printable blank cards.  Card-making programs come in all shapes and sizes, so it is important to research your options to determine which programs offer the best value for stationery needs and your money.  The iClicknPrint Design Center is one example of web-based design program that is free to customers.  With iClicknPrint, you can create your own templates or use pre-made layouts for all types of cards, including 2UP and 4UP cards with include two and four cards per sheet, respectively.  Furthermore, you can add decorative touches such as clip art, shapes and lines, suggested wording and other additions to make fast, creative cards for any occasion.

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Using a material such as printable blank cards to create personalized cards is a fantastic way to make meaningful cards and also save money year-round.  Buy blank cards in bulk and save!

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Use Printable Postcards as Inexpensive All-Purpose Stationery

Printable Postcards GeographicsDid you know that you can use printable postcards to make easy and inexpensive note cards, thank you cards, and much more for a special occasion?  Printable postcards are an affordable material that can be found both online and in stories in a variety of colors, sizes, and designs to suit any event.  You can save a good deal of money by printing your own cards, particularly for a large-scale party.

In order to use printable postcards with your home or office printer, you’ll need to digitally create your design via computer.  Your design process can be quick and simple or more elaborate; as the card-maker, you can choose whichever course of action is best for your personal needs and preferences.  For instance, if you are using postcards with a pre-printed design and/or you need to print many cards in a short amount of time, you can create your design using a program like MS Word and simply type your message and add any desired digital embellishments, such as a logo, if applicable.  Since postcards come in several sizes, just remember to set your page layout to match the card size you will be using.  Alternatively, if you are using blank postcards and wish to create a detailed card design, you may want to work with card-making software or a web-based design program to have access to creative tools, user-friendly layout options and more.

The most common size for printable postcards is 4.25”x5.5”.  Typically, you will find postcards in packs of single cards, but you may also come across 4UP postcards which include four cards per 8.5”x11” sheet (separated by perforated lines).  Printing on sheets of 4UP postcards can be a big timesaver when printing cards in bulk.  However, since 4UP cards are more uncommon than single cards, you may want to use card-making software or a tool such as a free MS Word template to ensure that your design prints out correctly on all four cards per sheet.  Downloadable postcard templates are usually available online from printable card or stationery retailers.  The iClickn’Print Design Center, a program offered by Geographics, features pre-made templates for printable postcards as well as wording, clip art, font options and much more.

With a bit of creativity, you can use printable postcards to fulfill many of your stationery needs for both casual and formal events.  DIY and save on every special occasion!

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Use Printable Cards for Both Practical and Celebratory Occasions

Printable Formal Cards GeographicsOne of the best ways to save money for any special occasion is to create your own cards using printable cards.  The term “printable cards” covers a wide territory that includes printable greeting cards, business cards, note cards, place cards, photo cards and many other card products.  Keeping a stock of printable cards on hand is a helpful practice when it comes to staying prepared for those surprise occasions.  By making your own cards you will save money and your card recipients are sure to appreciate the personalization!

Creating custom greeting cards is a common use for printable cards.  While it may seems like a complicated activity, in reality you can easily design and print greeting cards in minutes with the help of tools like a free MS Word template or a stationery design program.  Furthermore, by designing your own cards you are free to make them as simple or as elaborate as you like.  Some people enjoy using hand-crafting art styles such as calligraphy to personalize a greeting card, but if you are concerned about time or need to make a large number of cards, then making a design via computer and printing cards is a faster method.

Printable greeting cards are available in white or colored blank varieties or with pre-printed patterns.  Typically, you can find sets of printable cards that include envelopes for convenience.  If you wish to make cards for a specific holiday or event, shopping online will provide you with the biggest selection of holiday and themed designer cards.  The same goes if you’re looking for blank printable cards in a specific size.  Nowadays, you can even find formal printable card designs that are suitable for events like weddings or anniversaries.

Did you know that there are several types of all-purpose printable cards that are great for everyday uses?  Post cards, for example, can work very well for projects such as recipe cards, invitations, etc. and they are available in 4UP sheets to facilitate bulk printing.  Blank 2UP note cards are another handy type of card because they can be used for thank you cards, welcome cards, and much more.  Printable business cards can of course be used for their intended purpose, but they are also the perfect size for making name tags and personalized bookmarks.  With some printable cards and a bit of creativity, the possibilities abound!

Whether you need cards for a specific purpose or you’re just looking for a creative solution, you can’t go wrong with printable cards.  Try using free templates to design and print many styles of cards quickly and efficiently.  DIY and save!

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How to Design a Business Card

How to Design a Business Card with Click n' Print
Designing business cards is easy with Click n’ Print

If you’re ever wondered about how to design a business card on your own, you’ll be glad to know that there are lots of free templates and fun, easy design programs out there to help you get started.  Don’t be afraid to experiment with new technology.  The latest software makes designing your business cards an enjoyable and painless process.  Instead of ordering business cards, you can save a lot of money and time in the long run by making them yourself. offers printable business cards in a wide selection of styles.

The first step to designing a business card is finding a set of printable business cards that works for you and your company.  Since printable business cards come in a variety of pre-printed designs and styles, you may find a set that has already done the design work for you!  However, blank printable business cards are also available in many colors if you prefer to have free reign over your business card design.  At, you can find embossed business cards, foil business cards, design business cards and a versatile selection of blank business cards.  Also check out the Business Suites category to find collections of business stationery that include business cards, letterhead, tri-fold brochures and more!

There are hundreds of software choices out there that will show you how to design a business card, but if you do your research you can find free programs online that can guide you just as well.  Click n’ Print, a design program offered by, is a great example.  Using Click n’ Print, you can create your own customized business card template using ready-made layouts which will help you edit and print with ease.  A business cards layout in Click n’ Print is based off of an 8.5” x 11” sheet of Geographics business cards that includes 10 business cards total.  You’ll be given a text box for each business card which you can edit however you like.  Once you are satisfied with the text for one business card, you can use the handy “Synchronize All” feature to copy your customized business card text to the rest of the business cards on your sheet.  From there, you can edit your font and colors, add decorative shapes and clip art, insert your company logo and much more.  With Click n’ Print, you can make your design ideas a reality!

Learning how to design a business card may seem like a complicated activity, but with the proper resources and a bit of practice you’ll be a pro in no time.  Visit for a great selection of printable business cards and printable business stationery!

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