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Project board Royal Brites® is a corrugated large display board, mainly used for science fair projects, school presentations. It works great with Royal Brites Poster Board, Sign Board and Supplies.

Royal Brites® project boards come in a multitude of color combinations and sizes. The possibilities of using project board is almost endless.
Do you have an important presentation coming up at school? Consider using a project board to supplement your presentation, which can really impress your teacher.

Customize your Project Board with EZ Poster Printing tool or use Word templates, for a highly professional look.
Whether you choose the easel style, the 3D or the tri-fold simple style, you cannot go wrong with Royal Brites® .

Ideas: project board is great at special events, such as weddings, anniversaries, concerts and sweet-sixteen parties. Place the table numbers and names in little transparent pockets so that the guest can pick them up. Decorate your projects board with borders, paper doilies, poster board in different colors and more.
At school, create a lovely presentation about the star players of an event, for students and parents to enjoy as they walk by.

Attach photos printed out on inkjet photo paper, and add extra decorations using design paper and cards to put together a splendid presentation that no one at the celebration will forget.

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day


Every year, more than 250,000 New Yorkers take over 5th Avenue for St. Patrick’s Day parade while millions of others celebrate in schools, homes and pubs.

Science Fair Board to Make a Project Display


Science fair projects are great opportunities for a child to use his or her creativity, and finding a quality science fair board and appropriate board supplies is the first step to making a successful project.