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Signs and Signage help you make your own signs and signage, using Royal Brites Poster Board, Signs and Accessories!

DIY and Save! Make Direction Signs, POS signs, Yard Signs and Banners using Royal Brites Poster Board and Foam Board in Fluorescent Neon or primary colors. Use posterboard as is or, embellish the foam board signs with printed 8.5″x14″ and 11″x22″ E-Z Print Sign Board printable sheets. Our Poster Board comes in 2 Cool Neon and Primary Colors, patented products with one different color on each side to give you two products in one. Choose from different sizes, from 8.5″x11, 8.5″x14″ and 14″x22″ to 22″x28″ and 20″x30″. Foam board comes in Black, White and Fluorescent colors as well as the 2Cool Colors version. Check out the 2 Cool Colors posterboard and foamboard made in the USA by Royal Brites and use your practical sense to make inexpensive and great looking signs and signage for all your needs.

Art Therapy Exercises


The positive impact art has on our physical and mental is now beyond any doubt. Whether we are talking about how being exposed to visual art can help improve children’s cognitive abilities and can make them more tolerant or empathetic or about adults healing trauma through dance, drawing or theatre, art therapy is a powerful wellbeing tool.

Use Sign Board to Make a Custom Sign Like a Pro


Making a do-it-yourself sign using sign board is a quick and low cost project.  Using poster board and board supplies like borders, transparency sheets, and other decorative materials will give your sign personality and help to draw people to your event.