Lace Doily Envelope


Royal Lace® Doily Crafts

Create a lovely lace envelope filled with cookies, money or other small gifts! Or add a colorful ribbon to make a hanging decoration!

Materials Needed



  1. Place doily face down on a flat surface
  2. Cut a 4-1/2” square from cardboard and place in the center of the doily (FIG. A)
  3. One at a time, fold each side over the cardboard, crease and unfold again (FIG. B)
  4. Cut out the other corner triangles formed from folding as shown. Then round off each sided by cutting off about ½” to form a petal shape as shown. (FIG. C & D)
  5. To close the container, move the clockwise folding down one side at a time as you would to close a box (FIG. E)
  6. Fill with money or goodies, then use ribbon to seal and decorate (FIG. F)

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