Make Award Ribbons

Materials Needed


  • 18″ of 1 1/2″ wide Blue Grosgrain ribbon
  • 1 Pin back
  • 1 Canning jar lid
  • 1 8″ Royal Lace Medallion Doily
  • 1 Sheet blue construction paper
  • 12 Sticky back gold stars
  • Gold glitter fabric writer paint
  • Glue gun


  1. Cut a 3″ circle out of the center of the round doily. Make a single cut through the remaining doily ring.
  2. Fan fold this remaining doily ring into 1″ sections, forming a pleated strip.
  3. Glue one end of doily to back of canning jar lid. Gradually gather and glue the doily strip around back edge of lid until the ends of doily strips meet. Allow 1 1/2″ of fan folded doily to extend from back of lid, creating award edging. (See photo)
  4. Please stars randomly on fan folded doily.
  5. Cut 2 1/8″ circle from construction paper and print ” World’s Best Kid” in center. Glue to center of canning jar lid. You can trace our pattern below, or write your own message.
  6. Cut 2-8″ lengths from Grosgrain ribbon and glue one end of each to back of award, so ribbons extend from bottom of award. “V” cut ends ribbons.
  7. After practicing with fabric paint writer you may print your “Best Kid’s” name one on of the ribbons, using photo guide for placement.
  8. Glue pin to back center of award.

Make these awards for any accomplishments that your child achieves. From a good grade at school to learning to ride a bike!
It’s a wonderful way to show that all these important moments are meaningful. Your child can make one of these award for Dad on Father’s Day, or for a friend or brother or sister.
Let us know how your project came out. Get your Royal Lace Paper Doilies, Today!

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  1. Chris Winters says:

    I really like the look of these customized award ribbons made from doilies. My wife and I are throwing a family competition this upcoming week. I definitely think that we should look into getting some award ribbons for the kids.

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