Decorative Basket

Place doily face down on a flat surface. Cut a 4-1/2” square from cardboard and place in the center of the doily (FIG. A)

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Victorian Party Favors

Place doily face down on a flat surface (FIG. A)
Fold in half as shown. The design should be visible (FIG. B). Fold corners up to the 12 o’clock position, bringing the folded edges together to form a seam up the center (FIG. C)

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Glue 6” round doily to bottom of grapevine wreath and then glue oasis foam or Styrofoam into middle of wreath (FIG. A). Fold 12” round doily in half (FIG. B)

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Doily Carnation

Grasp center of doily and make a twist, causing doily o ruffle into a bunch. Pinch together at bottom tightly and wrap with short piece of transparent tape. Repeat for 3 more blooms.

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Victorian Greeting Card

Apply a fine line of glue along edge of the letterhead (FIG. A). Position the letterhead on back side of the placemat doily, leaving the lace edge exposed.

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Fan Potpourri

Fold nestled doilies in half (FIG. A). Loosely fold, accordion style, gathering at center. Fasten by either wrapping with floral wire or stitching with heavy thread (FIG. B)

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Party Hat

Fold doily in half (FIG. A). Tie curling ribbon on each side to form chin strap. Glue curling ribbon on top to form tassel (FIG. B)

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Angel Ornament

Fold doily in half (FIG. A). Pleat into fan (FIG. B). Glue angel face at the top (FIG. C). Cut out halo and wings from gold doily and glue to back. Make a loop with thread for hanger

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Christmas Dove Decoration

Adhere satin to poster board using fusible web and following manufacturer’s directions. Enlarge pattern shown to measure 8 1/2″ from tip of beak to tail.

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Promote Your Business

Capture attention, make your brand name stand out and promote your products or services
as a less expensive and most relevant way of communicating with your public.

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Award Certificates Build Self-Esteem

One way of helping children build and grow self-esteem is to reward them for their achievements as often as possible. Geographics Award Certificates are a fine and affordable way to do just that.

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