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A few facts about Graduation are necessary information that goes together with our recommendation of  the best Geographics Graduation Invitations, Printable Certificates and Diplomas, Document Covers, Certificate Seals and other Graduation Paper Products.

Graduation is a milestone event in a person’s life. In Europe, education was the preserve of the monasteries until the twelfth century. The academic gowns worn today have their origins in the lay costumes of that time. The trencher grew out of the pileus or hat worn at Oxford and Cambridge universities around the seventeenth century. 
Academic dress for graduations started in the 12th and 13th centuries when universities first began forming. Whether a student or a teacher, standard dress for scholars was clerical garb. Most medieval scholars had made certain vows, and had at least taken minor orders with the church so clerical robes were their main form of dress to begin with. Not until the late 1800s were colors assigned to signify certain areas of study, but they were only standardized in the United States. 
We celebrate graduation with a huge party. The grads family and friends come together give speeches and toast to the new grad. Now the grad is embarking upon a new life. Often a Graduation Party is planned months in advance in order to take care of all the little details like: renting the hall, sending the invitations, deciding on a menu. 
Graduation party supplies like paper plates, napkins, and cups are a nice way to complete a Graduation Party Theme. Party decorations using Graduation Party Themes like stuffed animals with diplomas can be used as a centerpiece and can also double as party prizes. Party favors like Graduation stickers, whistles, glow jewelry, feather boas, and Graduation music are perfect for a Graduation Party Theme.

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