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Use Printable Invitations to Personalize a Party

Geographics Printable InvitationsUsing printable invitations to prepare for a special event is a worthwhile investment of your time for many reasons.  Designing custom invitations from your home computer gives you the power to make an invitation with personal touches that your guests will appreciate and remember.  And by using an invitation template or a design program to assist you, you can literally have your invitations ready to print in minutes.

As with any kind of printable stationery, printable invitations come in a variety of designs to suit different needs.  If you’re the type of person who loves to do things from scratch, you can find blank invitations in a plethora of sizes and colors from online retailers.  However, using an invitation with a pre-printed holiday or themed design will save you more time (and possibly ink) during the printing process.

Formal printable invitations are an excellent material to use if you want to save a bit of money on an occasion like a wedding, shower, or anniversary.  These invitations come in many types of finishes and textures, such as vellum, for a professional look.  Using an invitation kit is a convenient option for a formal event because they include multiple stationery items in one set.  They can range from simple (containing response cards and envelopes) to complete (containing programs, place cards, and other items).

Creating the design for a printable invitation will depend on the type of invitation you purchased, but in most cases it is a fairly easy process.  Before you start, it’s important to note the size of your invitation.  One common size is 5.5”x8.5”, which is essentially half of a standard size of 8.5”x11” paper.  You may also see 2UP invitation in this size, meaning that there will be two invitations per 8.5”x11” sheet.  Chances are you will be able to find a free invitation template for any size and style of printable invitation on the market.  Templates will differ in functionality depending on the source website, but a good template should facilitate both the design and printing process.  iClickn’Print (offered by Geographics) is one example of a design program that offers a variety of pre-made templates in addition to many creative tools.

Whether you are working with blank invitations or invitations with a pre-existing design, you should always feel free to add your own personal embellishments.  Play around with different fonts and font colors, experiment with the spacing and layout of your text, and consider adding decorative clip art or an image of your own.  For example, adding a photo of the happy couple to an invitation for an anniversary party would make a heartwarming memory for your guests.

Making your own invitations using printable invitations is cost-effective and will also mean a lot to your partygoers.  All it takes is some creativity!

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Make your Own Thanksgiving Invitations with Printable Stationery

Creating your own Thanksgiving invitations is a fun project that can be accomplished many ways.  While making an invitation from scratch may seem complex, you can actually accomplish the task using a variety of methods.  Using different materials to make invitations will let you personalize them to suit friends and family while saving you money during the holiday season. Geographics.com features a wide selection of printable stationery and embellishments which you can use to make impressive but inexpensive invitations.

Thanksgiving invitations typically feature warm colors and autumn or harvest-themed designs.  Geographics.com offers a wide variety of printable Thanksgiving stationery which includes an assortment of paper suitable for invitations.  Printable invitations can come in the form of flat or fold-over cards in many colors and patterns.  Some other types of stationery you can use include Thanksgiving letterhead and design paper.  One advantage to printing your invitation on design paper is that it will have more space and read like a letter.  This is a nice creative option if you would like to do something different from a traditional card invitation.  With colored or design envelopes and seasonal seals, you can create a festive greeting that is attractive both inside and out.

Designing invitations for Thanksgiving is simple.  Once you have picked out the type and size of Thanksgiving stationery you would like to use, using a design program or an invitation template to help you design your invitations will make the process fast and easy.  Geographics.com offers free downloadable templates for invitations of all occasions.  Each template opens in Microsoft Word for easy editing and can be saved and edited again for future use.  Click n’ Print, a free online design program offered by Geographics.com, is also a great tool for making detailed invitation templates.  Whether you choose to make a template from scratch or pick one of Click n’ Print’s ready-made templates, you can create your own text boxes, insert clip art and your own images, re-arrange your layout in a drag-and-drop style, make shapes and lines and much more!  With a program like Click n’ Print you can truly print memorable Thanksgiving invitations in minutes.

Making your own personal Thanksgiving invitations is a fantastic way to connect with family and friends during the holiday season.  Check out Geographics.com for a versatile selection of Thanksgiving stationery and invitation templates!

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Spread Christmas Cheer with Festive Business Stationery

Using business stationery throughout the year is a common everyday activity for most companies. That is why the holiday season provides an excellent opportunity for businesses to add variety to the stationery they usually use year-round. Geographics.com is proud to offer a great selection of wonderful Christmas-themed designs that are perfect for business purposes at this time of the year.

Adopting the use of Christmas design paper in the weeks leading up to the holiday is the first great way companies can start spreading festive cheer. Our printable greeting cards feature traditional Christmas imagery and are perfect for sending greeting cards to both colleagues and customers. Christmas design paper and Christmas greeting cards can be matched with Christmas envelopes that have similar images on them, to complete the overall look.

When throwing a Christmas party for the entire company, sending out Christmas invitations is an excellent way to get people excited about it. Geographics.com offers a wide array of Formal Invitations with Foil and Embossing that can be used for Christmas party invitations printable invitations, with designs ranging from traditional to modern. Employees will appreciate the attention and will easily slip into the festive spirit after receiving these lovely invites.

And lastly, sending out Christmas Cards is an important priority for many companies that want to maintain good relationships with other businesses and clients. The large variety of Geographics.com today to check out our wonderful collections of Christmas-themed stationery.

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