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Create Your Company Brochures in 5 Easy Steps




Just like your business cards, your company brochures are essential tools – they help build your brand image but more importantly they tell potential customers who you are and what you do.

Step 1   Always focus on the goal and decide what you are trying to achieve with your company brochures – remember that you need to make it clear how you can solve a problem for your customer.

Step 2   Your brochures need to grab attention, spark interest and prompt action. They might be visually interesting but do they clearly convey what you do and why that matters for them.

Step 3   Keep text relevant and only keep what makes sense for your potential customers. Choose a template and decide on the design – if you build houses you will choose graphic elements and colors that will be very different than if you owned a flower shop. For example, Geographics Leaves-Tri-Fold brochures would work wonderfully with a flower shop, the paper design quickly let’s potential customers know what to expect from the first moment they see it. You can easily add your text and print using your office printer. They are designed for printing on both sides and scored for easy folding.


If you prefer to design your brochures from scratch, Geographics also offers premium quality white Tri-Fold Brochure Paper, perfect for impressive three-panel brochures and pre-scored for easy folding. Geographics also offers IClicknPrint Design Center, an application where you can customize Geo brochure paper. The application is offered free to all Geographics customers and offers many editing tools, among which Merge. Once created, your company brochure file can be downloaded for print as a PDF file and you can save it in your computer for future use.

Step 4   Use words and images that make it easy for customers to understand what you do. If you sell flowers, don’t put a photo of your building on your brochure or an abstract image – use a photo that shows an employee handing someone a beautiful bouquet.

Step 5   Include your contact information and a call to action, what do you want people to do next – use a discount code to place an order, stop by the shop to see a new product, etc.

Remember that your company brochures are a quick and inexpensive way for people to learn that you exists but also to understand what that means for them and why they should care.

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Use Printable Postcards as Inexpensive All-Purpose Stationery

Printable Postcards GeographicsDid you know that you can use printable postcards to make easy and inexpensive note cards, thank you cards, and much more for a special occasion?  Printable postcards are an affordable material that can be found both online and in stories in a variety of colors, sizes, and designs to suit any event.  You can save a good deal of money by printing your own cards, particularly for a large-scale party.

In order to use printable postcards with your home or office printer, you’ll need to digitally create your design via computer.  Your design process can be quick and simple or more elaborate; as the card-maker, you can choose whichever course of action is best for your personal needs and preferences.  For instance, if you are using postcards with a pre-printed design and/or you need to print many cards in a short amount of time, you can create your design using a program like MS Word and simply type your message and add any desired digital embellishments, such as a logo, if applicable.  Since postcards come in several sizes, just remember to set your page layout to match the card size you will be using.  Alternatively, if you are using blank postcards and wish to create a detailed card design, you may want to work with card-making software or a web-based design program to have access to creative tools, user-friendly layout options and more.

The most common size for printable postcards is 4.25”x5.5”.  Typically, you will find postcards in packs of single cards, but you may also come across 4UP postcards which include four cards per 8.5”x11” sheet (separated by perforated lines).  Printing on sheets of 4UP postcards can be a big timesaver when printing cards in bulk.  However, since 4UP cards are more uncommon than single cards, you may want to use card-making software or a tool such as a free MS Word template to ensure that your design prints out correctly on all four cards per sheet.  Downloadable postcard templates are usually available online from printable card or stationery retailers.  The iClickn’Print Design Center, a program offered by Geographics, features pre-made templates for printable postcards as well as wording, clip art, font options and much more.

With a bit of creativity, you can use printable postcards to fulfill many of your stationery needs for both casual and formal events.  DIY and save on every special occasion!

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How to Choose Materials for Custom Office Stationery

Business Office Stationery GeographicsTaking the time to make your own office stationery will go far to make a personal impression on your business contacts.  Office stationery is a broad category that can include business cards, envelopes, invitations, brochure paper, note cards and more.  Creating a cohesive look for all of your office stationery will show your business contacts that you put time into the image of your company.  Online, you can find a wide variety of printable office stationery to fit the style of your business.

Picking out office stationery is a strategic process because the design you choose will say a lot about your company.  You may be wondering how stationery paper differs from plain old copy paper.  The difference is in the paper texture or thickness; copy paper has a standard weight of 20lb, while business letterhead can be thicker or thinner if using fine paper.  Therefore, letterhead paper is generally better at catching a reader’s eye.  Using letterhead paper to print business letters, reports, or other documents will ensure that they stand out from documents printed on regular printer paper.

Most office stationery designs are simple because the main focus of the page should be the content of your document.  For example, many business letterheads feature geometric designs at the top of the document so your eye is drawn towards the content on the page.  However, office stationery can also be themed for holidays or decorative purposes and also have details such as foil embossing.  If you want to save a bit of money, you may be interested in picking up a business suite which contains a collection of stationery such as letterhead, cards, and envelopes all in one package.

Printing personalized office stationery is very easy, particularly when it comes to letterhead.  With a program such as Microsoft Word, you can create and print your own letterhead and envelope designs with ease using the integrated features.  You can also use free stationery templates available on the web which come pre-made with guidelines and text boxes.  A stationery template will differ in structure depending on the website you download from, but in most cases all you need to do type in your own information into the provided text boxes and then insert your own images or clip art if desired.

IClickn’Print, a free online design program offered for Geographics customers, is also a helpful resource when it comes to designing office stationery.  You start by creating your own template using text boxes on a stationery background, or you can select a ready-made template from iClickn’Print.  From there, you can customize your stationery using different fonts and color, insert your company logo or other images using the Add Image tool, add free clip art for decoration, and freely adjust any text box or image in a drag-and-drop style.  Thanks to all of its immersive design tools, iClickn’Print can help you produce highly professional office stationery designs while saving you money.

Shopping for printable office stationery to create custom stationery items for your company is a fun and hassle-free process.  DIY and discover the benefits!

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Create Cards to Customize Your Greetings and Save!

With technology being what it is these days, many people are intrigued to learn how to create cards using their own computers.  In addition to giving your loved ones a meaningful gift, you will save time and have a lot of fun creating cards from home.  At Geographics.com, you can find some great printable greeting cards to design and print cards yourself instead of spending lots of time and money looking for cards in department stores.  Don’t go through the hassle writing out cards by hand when you can try something new—check out Geographics.com for a versatile stock of printable cards and envelopes!

There is no shortage of methods you can use to create cards that will be attractive and meaningful to your friends and family.  Geographics.com offers a wide selection of free greeting card templates, organized by holiday and by theme, to help you design your cards—these templates utilize Microsoft Word and are a breeze to work with.  Using a simple design software to create your cards is also worth considering because it is an in-depth and highly convenient method.   Click n’ Print, a free online design program from Geographics.com, is easy-to-use and thorough at the same time.  You can use a variety of design tools so your cards come out a top-notch, professional quality.  With Click n’ Print, you can create your own card templates and insert text boxes, suggested wording, clipart, and even your own images or clipart.  Trying out various fonts, colors, and layouts before you print your cards will give you a chance to make sure that your cards look exactly how you want them to look.  Once you’ve finalized the details, you’ll be all set to print!

Learning how to create cards on your own is an exciting activity, but before you purchase any type of card paper, be sure to check whether or not it is compatible with your printer.  Geographics.com’s blank cards and formal cards are all printable come in a variety of sizes and several finishes, such as matte and high gloss.  Although most Geographics.com printable cards will suit handwriting and inkjet printers, some may be better suited to laser printers.  Just to be safe, check the product details of a card paper you are interested in before you purchase it—all Geographics card products state which type of printer(s) they will work best with.

Once you create cards by yourself, you’ll never want to settle for store-bought cards again.  Get started with Geographics.com—we offer a free gift of 25 blank greeting cards with any purchase over $75!

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Get Personalized Stationery for Free

With the use of e-mails and the internet, personalized stationery seems to have taken a second place or, one might think it’s been eliminated, altogether.
However, there are many instances in which one needs to use personalized stationery.  Think about a note that you would like to include with a gift to send a friend or family member. Or, the invitations you have to send for special occasions.  They simply cannot be impersonal. You need to add your personal touch.

Whether you’re writing to a friend, family member, or a group of business partners, it is always good to to send your messages on personalized stationery.

It’s easy to do with Geographics Stationery: Design Paper, Fine Paper, or Formal Cards and Invitations. Geographics has free Word Templates and Click’nPrint – free software that allows you to personalize for free your cards, invitations, letterhead, envelopes, etc., and save them for future use.

Using personalized stationery for your letters will ensure a professional result and create a favorable impression.  An important step in making personalized stationery could be choosing the design paper or the fine paper that represents you, your event or your company.
If you’re writing an invitation to a party or a seasonal event, make sure that the design paper is representative for the occasion: Geographics has divided its stationery as follows: Business Stationery and Social Stationery by Holiday and by Theme.

If you plan on making personalized business stationery, think about the consistency in the design of your business letterhead, cards and envelopes.  Geographics.com offers a wide range of business letterhead, business cards, envelopes and card stock so, you will easily be able to find the best paper to use for your stationery.
All Geographics design paper and business letterhead is 24lb, inkjet and laser compatible.  All Geographics cards are made on 65lb cover.
Once you have picked out your favorite paper to personalize, you are all set to start designing your personalized stationery right from your own computer.

As mentioned before, besides the free downloadable templates, accessible directly on the Geographics.com’s homepage and customizable in Microsoft Word, Geographics customers have access to Geographics.com’s free design program, Clickn’ Print.  With Clickn’ Print, you can create your own template(s), or pick up ready made templates and layouts. You can incorporate clip art, suggested wording, shapes and your own images, add text boxes and personalize with great fonts and color. You can work on up to five different pages  per album, so you can print multiple versions of your stationery at once.  Finally, you can save your personalized stationery templates online and work on them again any time in the future, hassle-free. No download is necessary, which is even greater!


Making your own personalized stationery shows that you care and it definitely says something about your status.  Choose the best!  Plan your next personal or business personalized stationery run with www.geographics.com/templates !


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