Triangular Gift Package

Enclose a small wrapped cookie, gift or money. Or add a colorful ribbon to the corner to make a hanging decoration!

Materials Needed



  1. Place doily face down on a flat surface
  2. To make a triangular base, make a mark 2-1/2” in from the edge of the doily (FIG. A)
  3. Using the mark as a reference point, fold up as shown to make one sided triangle (FIG. B)
  4. Next, fold as adjacent side as shown to form the second side of a triangle (FIG. C)
  5. Fold remaining side to complete the triangle
  6. Open the doily up, then fold each side back in, moving in a clockwise direction, so the sides overlap (FIG. D)
  7. To secure, tuck the edge of the last side under the edge of the first folded side (FIG. D)
  8. Add a decorative ribbon to further secure the package once you’ve placed a treat inside! (FIG. E)

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