Craft Doilies, Baking Cups and Shelf Liners Royal Lace

Royal Lace Paper Doilies, Baking Cups & Shelf Liners, Made in USA directly from the manufacturer! Retail Pack and Food Service Doilies available.

Royal Lace Doilies have unique patterns that lend beauty and elegance to any table setting. Geographics offers paper doilies in a variety of shapes, sizes and designs. Our doilies and placemats patterns were made after real 18th century French and Belgium doilies that one can see today in the European museums, reason why they are called royal lace. Manufactured with hand-embroidered metal dies, made by jewelers at the beginning of the 20th century, our Royal doilies are unique with intricate designs involving open work and fine embossing.
They are a piece of history and remain proof of good life-style and elegance in table setting and decoration.
Everyday white doilies and placemats, Medallion Lace, Normandy, French and Basket Lace and Bobbin Lace have intricate patterns featuring embossing and die-cutting.
Check out the fine Medallion foil doilies and French Lace or Bobbin Lace Placemats for special events and elegant settings.

Royal Lace unique doilies are perfect for everyday use, holidays such as Valentine's Day, Christmas, St. Patrick's Day and important events like weddings, anniversaries, baptisms, etc. Use for creative school and home arts and crafts projects.
Check out our color doilies for holidays and arts and crafts projects and occasions, great for spray painting and glitter applications, arts and crafts projects for events and holidays, etc.
Use doilies to add a creative touch to project board and poster board projects, to Greeting Cards and more. Pin Royal Lace doilies on foam board or spray-paint them for interesting patterns, use them as cake pattern-makers with cocoa powder or sugar, etc.

Use Royal Brites inkjet photo paper with doily frames for a decorative display. Start browsing through our many paper doily patterns, colors and textures and enjoy their unique and elegant designs.

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