Frequently Asked Questions

What happens with the Geographics customers after the online shopping moves to Theroyalstore?

All Geographics customers’ email and billing and shipping data was transferred to theroyalstore. For security reasons, you have to reset your password – click Forgot Password. then, check your email and reset it with a click on the link provided by Theroyalstore.
Any issues, please contact us here or on Theroyalstore.
We are the same team.

Geographics e-mail subscription - will I receive newsletters?

Yes, you will start receiving email from Theroyalstore. Same products, a different and more modern online store that we hope, will exceed your expectations.

What happens with the orders I placed on Geographics before the website migration?

Your orders will be shipped and confirmed by us. We are still available on chat and by email and phone. Geographics remains a branded, presentation website and you can start purchasing the same products at the same prices, on our new store, Theroyalstore.