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Foam board by Royal Brites® made in the USA! Great product, easy to customize with Iclicknprint.

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Foam Board Black, 11"x14", 12/Case

Size: 11"x14"

Foam Board Black, 22"x28", 4/Case

Size: 22"x28"

Foam Board Black/Black, 11"x14"

Size: 11"x14"
From: $10.99

Foam Board Black/Black, 20"x30", 10/Case

Size: 20"x30"

Foam Board Cork/White, 20"x30", 5/Case

Size: 20"x30"

Foam Board Greystone/White, 20"x30", 5/Case

Size: 20"x30"

Foam Board Gridboard, 20"x30", 2/PK

Size: 20"x30"
Weight: 11 pt.
From: $11.49


Our foam board is lightweight and durable and it is easy to carry. We offer a great selection of Royal Brites foam boards in many different sizes and colors. Use it in combination with Poster Board and customize it using Board Supplies like poster borders, letters, glue, etc. Or just print your project on paper using iclicknprint. clip and glue images and letters onto the foamboard. Print for free a full size project.
On our Royal Foam board, you can easily glue or pin all types of decorations, pictures, streamers, wire, paper doilies and other types of materials that you can pin onto the foam surface. Anyone can create a unique, 3D-looking display that visually pops out of whatever setting you place it in. This makes foam board perfect for use in school projects and presentations.
A Royal Brites gridboard foam board can work just as well as a project board for artwork displays and science fair presentations. You can intersperse paper charts and diagrams with mini pop-out models.
For a kid's science project, cut several differently-sized foam balls in half and glue them to a foam board surface to create a model of the solar system. Deciding to use a foam board can increase the number of ideas you come up with for projects. Impress teachers and peers with your creativity!
The use of foam board as party decorations is also a great idea. If you are throwing a holiday party, you can pair themed Geographics design paper with pictures printed out on Royal Brites photo paper for an easy homemade wall or table decoration. Or, create beautiful displays for special occasions, such as Sweet Sixteen celebrations and weddings. Make the displays interactive by leaving big spaces between the pictures of the birthday girl or couple, so guests can write messages on them.
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