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Geographics was founded in Vancouver,   Canada in  1974. The business  moved to Blaine, Washinghton and in  2002, Geographics was  acquired by  Mafcote Inc,  a family business  with a tradition of over 100 years,  the oldest   manufacturer of Royal Lace® paper doilies, and one of the  largest paper  coating companies in the US.

The Geographics® Brand Image was introduced in 1992. GeoPaper® by  Geographics was to  become the  leader in high-quality desktop  publishing paper sold throughout the United States, Europe and Australia.

GeoPaper® was sold in fine displays through retail stores. These  designer paper products and fine papers became soon, widely available  and  desirable.
GeoPaper® was a new  concept meant for the small  businesses who could  not afford  or care to have a business identity or  professionally designed logos.
It also became interesting   for  schools and home users who needed a paper  to enhance their message,  something they could  personalize  and print fast.
 "Grab  attention", "Make a bold statement" and “Do it Yourself” were the three  large benefits that a customer could get with GeoPaper® . All of these,  at an affordable price. Just what he needed.
The idea was to offer  pre-printed business sets or  ensambles where coordinating designs in  letterheads, envelopes, tri-fold  brochures, business cards, tent cards,  post cards, note cards and  mailing labels, would satisfy every  business need for paper and  collateral materials.
The designer  stationery for  personal use  had a large variety of uses from cards and  invitations, menus, press  releases, resumes, fliers, reports,  certificates, diplomas, awards,  posters, newsletters, announcements,  poems, notices, programs and signs,  to notes, memos, correspondence,   quotations and more.
Also,  Geographics offered and still offers a  line of Executive Class of   unprinted Premium Paper or Fine Paper  like  Granite, Marble, Parchment,  Speckled, Sonora  and more.  

A Short Geographics History:

" All you need is a little imagination. Geographics® supplies the rest. "
" Geopaper™, More Than Words Can Say…”
" Geographics®, Where Creativity Begins…

You may remember these Geographics®  slogans that have been used along the way..…
Geographics is the initiator and innovator of the Printable  Image Paper or Printable Desktop Stationery, nowadays called Design Paper or Designer Stationery and expanded its product line into complementary  products like: Foil  Stamp Imaging, (still available today), Note Pads,  Reminder Pads, Designer Poster Board , Stick On Letters , Rub  On Letters and Stencils, General Signs for retail stores, business and  indoor and outdoor personal use, Ready Made Signs  & Universal Signage Symbols.

Later on, Geographics acquired  the Domtar and the  Z-Graphics designer stationery lines, thus expanding and  enhancing its  market leadership position in the image paper business. With  these  acquisitions, the Printable Certificates category became the strongest with its great designs and fine parchment  paper base, a unique category in its diversity and sophistication of   designs.

TODAY,  Geographics®  is a well known brand name,  brand recognized for its  affordable, quality home school  and office paper products and its  value-added  designer stationery paper.
Geographics is also the only  globally recognized designer stationery brand  with international  presence in Europe, Australia,  Mexico and China.
We pride ourselves  in having the  best quality and the most sophisticated certificate  designs in the market as well as a combination of classic but always “en   vogue” designs like Clouds, Sicily, Venice, Rose, etc. and new and  trendy designs  that keep up with fashion and trends. The GEOPAPER™ and GEOGREEN™ sub-brands  stand for quality  business and social stationery in various styles   featuring fashion, theme and event oriented designs for business  correspondence and events like Wedding, Baby  shower, Birthday party,  Christmas, Halloween, 4th of July, Valentine’s Day as well as school and  educational design papers for teachers, parents and students.
The new GEOGREEN™ modern  and trendy designer stationery line  for business and social purposes  is  made of paper with a high recycled content which goes up to100 %  post-consumer and  non tree paper.
The GEOGREEN™ line  features a successful combination of letterhead  and envelopes in  marble, linen textured, pearlized, handmade and translucent vellum, foil  stamped letterheads and invitations and  2cool-colors note cards and  envelopes.
We have always been successful in the market, despite our competition  which tended to copy and imitate our products.

We have always been successful because are offering:

  • Great Value Consumer oriented products for home, school and office use;
  • Professional quality products that build customer confidence and loyalty;
  • Value added products at reasonable prices;
  • New concepts and ideas, every year.

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