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Poster Board by Royal Brites®, made in the USA is a leading brand. The Two Cool Colors™ patented concept brings to market a unique special coating - a different color on each side. Experience the quality graphic arts coating that is UV fade and water resistent. 2 posterboard colors in 1 sheet.What a concept! Gree customization with Iclicknprint. Great with 8.5"x14" E-Z Print Sign Board FREE ICLICKNPRINT SIGN BOARD TEMPLATES
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    Poster Board Fluorescent Neon Pink, 14"x22", 25/Case

    Size: 14"x22"
    Weight: 11 pt.
    As low as $14.99

    Here are the benefits: Made in the USA, all Royal Brites poster board sheets are coated both sides with a special coating which is water and fade resistant. All sheets have excellent marker and paint receptivity. The unique surface coating formulation and the very bright colors of the Royal Brites Poster board give the text a boost and makes it more vibrant.
    You can choose between 3 different sizes: "22"x28" large poster board , 14"x22" medium poster board  and 11"x14" small poster board that come in black and white, gridboard and fluorescent neon and primary colors.

    The smooth Royal Brites poster board finish in bright colors allows easy personalization and long lasting results. The special formula coating protects the poster board from fading in the sun and keeps the color from bleeding when exposed to water. It also provides great contrast for marker, paint, pencil and pen, ensuring great readability from a distance. Use for school projects, announcements, signs and signage, arts and crafts projects and more. Now, it is easy to personalize your poster with iclicknprint EZ Print Poster

    Poster board is one of the most widely used materials for school projects, business presentations, indoor and outdoor signs, event announcements, etc . It is a versatile product that is excellent for signs, customized, folded and able to be seen from 2 directions. Royal Brites Poster board can be purchased in a wide variety of colors and sizes and with a little imagination it can be used for almost anything, except for food.

    All the poster board available on our site is proudly made in USA by  Royal Brites. Royal Brites has been a market leader for many years. The 2CoolColors™ Poster Board by Royal Brites is a unique, patented product. It features two different bright colors, one on each side of the board. You may wander why you shoud buy poster board made in USA and why Royal Brites in particular.

    Producing top of the line quality fluorescent neon and color poster board is just one of the many competitive advantages Royal Brites enjoys. 

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