Sign Board in Printable Sizes

E Z Print Sign Board Royal Brites – printable board for signs and school projects. 8.5″x14″. E Z Print Sign Board by Royal Brites® – Made in USAis a printable board coated 2 sides that has excellent ink and toner receptivity, is water resistent, fade resitant and can be used for signs, cards and invitations, arts and crafts, school and business projects or anything you can think of. USE OUR FREE ICLICKNPRINT SIGN BOARD TEMPLATES!

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Royal Brites Poster Board

Poster Board by Royal Brites®

Royal Brites® Poster Board made in the USA is a leading brand. The Two Cool Colors™ patented concept brings to market a unique special coating – a different color on each side. All Royal Brites poster board is coated both sides with a special coating which is water, UV resistant and excellent marker and paint receptive. The unique coating formulation and the very bright colors of Royal Brites Poster board give the text a boost and makes it more vibrant.


Royal Brites® Foam Board

Royal Brites® Foam Board

Our foam board is lightweight and durable and it is easy to carry. create a unique, 3D-looking display that visually pops out of whatever setting you place it in. This makes foam board perfect for use in school projects and presentations. Print your project on paper using IClicknPrint E Z Poster Print. Clip and glue images and letters onto the foam board. Print a full size project using the layering technique. 3/4″ thick Foam Board by Royal Brites is Made in USA


Royal Brites Project Board

Science Fair Project Board Royal Brites

Project Board Royal Brites for Science Fair and School Projects. Project board Royal Brites® is a large, corrugated display board, that can be used for science fair projects, school presentations, event panels and more. It works great with Royal Brites Poster Board, Sign Board, Photo Paper & Project Accessories.


Project Accessories

Create Outstanding Projects!

Royal Brites® Accessories for Poster Board, Foam Board and Project Board are customization materials essential for creating stunning, eye-catching poster, foam & project board projects, fast and with minimal cost. Great for School, Business and Personal use, Event signs and signage, arts and Crafts Projects and more. Glitter and Holographic base stock will make Royal Brites Poster and Projects stand out.



Royal Brites® Photo Paper

Photo Paper by Royal Brites® is great for photo projects, school and business presentations, albums, memory and scrapbook albums and framing.
Coated with a proprietary coating, our paper provides longer lasting images. It works well with inkjet and laser printers.
Use it for arts and crafts, announcements and cards and invitations.
Proudly Made in the USA!.