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Re: Business cards

I use in preference to MS Office. I find it an excellent program and it is highly compatible with MS Office formats. Which is why, when I had trouble printing to your business cards purchased in Australia, and which I measured myself for margin, pitch etc I surfed to the Geographic site and found the MS Word template for the cards I was using. I opened the template in and when I printed this time, the results were perfect. I will be downloading other MSWord templates for your A4 range, and then I can shop with confidence.

My wife and I prefer the Geographics range.

Andrew Greig, Bayswater, VI

I was fortunate to purchase a package to your design Papers 100 sheets,

style = Fruit Scatter The store did not have any more .
They were just what i neede to get the project done .

Alma Opal Flowers, Westbury, NY

I just received my order and I am very excited! I always have loved stationery. I was very happy to be able to get the envelopes to match the paper. You have the best selection of designs that I have seen anywhere. Everything arrived in perfect condition. I am so glad I ordered from Geographics.

Denise Southern, Beckley, WV

I love the business cards, they come apart so easily with nice clean edges.
I was in need of a quick Bridal registry card to include in with the invitations and had some of the business cards on hand.
They did not center on the card. I used the template and found the top two were to low and the bottom was to high. Out of the 5 cards down the middle row was the only one that was perfectly centered. What did I do wrong?
Other than that they looked fantastic.
Thank you for the quality paper.

Dee Margadonna, Simpsonville, SC

I just want to say thank you to the customer service provided by this company! I was very disappointed at first with the product I had purchased and felt it had been a waste of money. A day after my testimonial, I received an email from a rep with an offer to send me some replacement sheets and a new template to try. I did try it with the sheets I had left over and it worked perfectly!! I was so happy because these cards would be used as part of my wedding invitations. I was very impressed with their prompt customer service and dedication to making me, the customer, happy. That is hard to find anymore. I would definately recommend their products and this company!! Thanks again Geographics!

Veronica Hill, Sierra Vista, AZ

I just finished printing out several sheets of my business cards using your blanks. They are by far the nicest I have ever used. They were actually fun to tear apart or should I say it was not necessary to actually tear them if you creased them both ways they almost fell apart with nice clean edges. Thank you for a wonderful product.
Joyce Barnette
Sedona. Arizona

Joyce Barnette, Sedona, AR

As a customer of Geographics, I couldn't be more pleased. I make quilted greeting cards as a fundraiser for a non-profit group and Geographics Natural Notecards are perfect. Jim Turvin has been exceptional with his customer service. This has become my only source for all my paper needs. Thanks for being there with your great service.

Susan Kennedy

I have been working on a critical business summary, which will be the first impression that potential million dollar investors in our company will see. I have a deadline to finish the project and was desperate for a high gloss, just the right type of photo paper for the cover. I have test HP, Kodak, Epson and every other photo paper available on the market here. I was ready to give up and settle for a not quite perfect photo paper; and then I found Royal Brites High Gloss Photo Paper at Sam's Club. I cannot tell you how relieved I am ! ! ! This paper really is high gloss. It doesn't buckle under ink. It is the perfect weight for a cover sheet. And, it doesn't have the brand name plastered all over the back side.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Angela Bechthold

Angela Bechtold, Kansas City, MO

I have just started using you Inkjet Photograph Paper its the best I have ever used for great clear sharp results, and the price for the 150 ct box is unbelievable, in comparison to the Other Folks.
I go through 2 boxes a every 21.2 weeks I am a genealogist I use a HP 4- 1 Printer and its great. Keep it coming.

David Harlan MacRae, Baltimore, Ma
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