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Thank your customer service for the prompt assistance.
I look forward to doing more business with your company in the future.

I had fun talking to the customer service rep. and truly thanks for the help. They are the best!!!!!!!


My wedding invitations turned out great, a lot of people couldn’t believe I made it myself! Thanks.

To Whom This May Concern:
I am a regular consumer of the above mentioned product. I have only been
able to find it in one chain store, Publix Supermarkets, in my area. I live
in Alpharetta, GA, a Northern suburb of Atlanta, GA. I actually have a
slight obsession with your product. As a Grandmother in my 60's, I was
raised in the Deep South with Doilies gracing our table daily. I use them
with all my dessert baked goods, rolls and
other bread items, as well as any and every other cuisine where the look of
a doilie will inhance the presentation.
I have a suggestion. I would love to see these doilies in colors. Green
and red ones for Christmas; pink, yellow, lavender for Easter; black and
orange for Halloween; a nice tan, brown, pumpkin-shade for Thanksgiving;
with red of course at Valentine. If the traditional gold and silver are
made, I would love to have them available at my local Publix, also. Wow!! I
would love to have these colors to show off my cooking treats.
When Reynolds came out with their plastic wrap in beautiful colors, I buy
them by the bag full. I give them as gifts for all occasions.
Please let me know what you think of this idea. I have been responsible
for the sales of many of your doilie products. People, especially the
younger generation, just aren't aware of the use of doilies. I quickly
educate so many and now, they are hooked!

Sara Westbrook, Alpharetta, GA
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