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DYI Award Certificates, Printable Stationery by Theme and Holiday, Display Board, Photo Paper and more! All the paper products you need for home, school & office! Do it yourself with free iclicknprint and save! 

Save on printable stationery, office and school supplies and arts and crafts paper products and accessories for home, school and office with Geographics.com.
Geographics is a one-stop shop
for home paper products like printable stationery, photo paper and yard signs and signage and for all office and school supplies.

Use our free personalzation tool, iclicknprint.com for certificates, design paper, invitations, cards posters, photo paper, science fair projects and more. When you print your own stationery in iclicknprint using the geographics.com paper, you can save your projects for future use and always come back and update. It saves you time and money!

We make it easy for Geographics customers to personalize pre-printed design paper, business letterheads, cards and invitations, certificates and scrapbook paper using free and improved Geographics templates and software. To satisfy all your paper needs,we have added lots of US-made paper products like the Royal Brites Photo Paper and Display Board: poster board, foam board, project board and the Sonburn Scrapbooking Paper and Embellishments as well as a large variety of school and office supplies.

The need for dyi printable stationery is ever growing. Everyone wants to take charge of their projects and to have them printed at home, school or office. The Geopaper products that Geographics offers are perfect for for printing jobs that can be easily completed at home, at school or in your office. We want you to save you time and money and have you always come back to us.

Geographics Printable Certificates are printed on fine parchment and premium paper, with the finest and most sophisticated designs. Most award certificates come with gold printable certificate seals or  with document covers, as certificate kits. We offer a great sollution for schools and businesses to to reward and motivate. Free certificate templates, clip art and suggested wording available!

Design paper, Printable Cards and Printable Invitations are some of our most sought for printable paper  items that customers love to use again and again. though the words became digital, just about everyone loves receiving a personalized greeting card, an invitation or announcement printed on a paper with design, rather than something lacking personal touch, like an email or a post from a social media website. Printable cards and invitations come in a number of designs, shapes and colors with free customization options available through www.geographics.com/templates.

 we live in a fast-pacd world and everyone wants to get their stationery printed fast easy and at no cost. Geographics offers that solution to the customers who want to print their own paper and to the resellers who feel that Geographics stationery is important to their product lines

Students and teachers will undoubtedly be pleased with our selection of products that will aid them in the preparation of school projects that look good and are fast and easily made or paper products that help enhance the value of the classes tausgt, not to mention the award certificates that can motivate and reward. High quality poster board and project board are staples for any student from when the time comes to tackle those big science projects or social studies reports. All of our poster board and project board is manufactured  in USA under Royal Brites, by Mafcote Inc, one of the industry's leading suppliers of coated paper and board.

There are many applications for Geographics paper products and we encourage you to do it yourselves by using Iclicknprint - free software that allows you to make hundreds of projects using photo paper, design paper, poster board, cards, invitations, etc. The edit side plus the Clip Art, Suggested Wording and the Shapes will give you enough tools to make an outstanding personalized project and save it for future use.

No matter what your stationery needs are, we can offer paper products to meet and exceed your expectations. Ask our customer service about any product that you would like to see in our store and we will make all the efforts to get it for you. Thanks for visiting Geographics! Enjoy shopping for paper products with us!


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